About Me

Once upon a time there was a teenager. She started living on her own at 16 and worked three jobs while she was in high school. One day she had a whole 6 hours of free time and used it to meet a terrific guy who turned out to be the love of her life, and the rest was history. Eight years, three kids, one spoiled cat, and .08 of a degree later, I am what I am. MrsM-Wife; Unschooling Mom of Monkey (6), Baby Bug (2), and The Bean (1); cat wrangler; Political Science/Philosophy double major; aspiring attorney; person who (often incorrectly) overuses punctuation and is in desperate need of a nap.

Oh well, maybe as a graduation present.

I started blogging in 2008 and have only gotten wordier and more addicted since. Feel free to browse a while and read the things I've blurted into the blogosphere...if you have a question or want to chat you can always contact me at:

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