In today's market, moms are a powerful group of people. We control 85% of household spending, and represent over $2.1 Trillion to the US Market, and there is no better place to reach into the powerful Mom Market than via technology. More than 43 million moms use the internet daily, spending an average of 85 minutes online-and they're not just checking email either. Social media researchers estimate that there are 23 to 26 million moms in the blogosphere, just under a third of mothers in the United States. Moms are on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace-we're plugged in, we're learning about products, and we're talking to each other.

Despite the strength and spending power of the Mom market 70% of mothers feel that companies rely on poorly portrayed stereotypes of moms, from the frazzled mom to super mom, to sell their products and as such don't do a good job relating to them as they really are.
That's why so many companies are turning to moms for help.

Word of mouth between mothers has always existed, but the age of the internet has replaced one on one recommendations over the fence post with mom networks, groups, and blogs. Moms are now voicing their opinions through social media and accessing millions of other moms with the click of a button.

Partnering with net savvy moms allows companies to reach into the Mom Market while putting a human, relatable face on their products-this is where I come in to help. I LOVE doing reviews and advertisements for good, quality products and I enjoy nothing better than sharing my experiences with my friends.

I have built a strong community here on my blog-my readers are not just numbers, they are my friends-they know that I am honest with them, and there is an attitude of trust and openness on my blog because my friends are my first priority.

In order to assure my readers that I am only recommending and advertising amazing, fabulous products that I can whole heartedly get behind I will only accept paid advertisements for products I have used and/or reviewed myself.

In order to do a review of a product I have never used, I need to receive the product up for review so that I can see it and use it and love it before I share it with my bloggy friends. If, for whatever reason, I am not in love with your product I will simply return it with my good wishes-rest assured that while my posts will always be honest, I would never post a negative review.

I am happy to participate in promotional giveaways of fabulous products. If you would like to do a promotional giveaway in exchange for ad space, I would ask that you give me two of the same product-one to see, use, and love as my very own and one to then giveaway to one of my fabulous readers. I will then put your ad on my sidebar for a length of time we can negotiate. Alternately, I will accept paid advertisements from quality companies with fabulous products that I have already used and loved.

If you are interested in participating in a review and giveaway, or purchasing a paid advertisement, please contact me for details.


Thank you!