Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why I'm Registered Republican

Okay, I admit it. We're registered Republicans. Don't worry--there is no power tie/navy blazer/argyle sweater/Young Republican meeting/Fox News quoting/Regan-worshipping around here. The dirty little secret is that we're actually Liberetarians. We watch The Daily Show. We get our news from independant "e-zines". We wear jeans without starch in them.

So what would possess two young, level headed Liberetarians to sign on the line for the Good Old Boy party?

It's not what so much as who. And it's all that Ron Paul guy's fault by the way. With his unwavering dedication to personal liberties and smaller government, his vigilance in protecting Constitutional state's rights, his anti-imperialistic (and ingenious) foriegn policies including his beliefs on the war, his Constitutional fiscal plans, and his un-politician-like straight talk on all of the issues are the things that all little Liberetarian boys and girls dream of when we lay our heads down at night and pray to God that we don't have to give up all of our rights in return for being taxed to death and constantly survielled by Big Brother. (Not to mention that Ron Paul also supports Homeschooling! YAY!)

So as I cast my vote in the primaries (by mail because I'm a lazy 9-months-pregnant mo-fo) I look at that little check mark that designates me Republican with a little less disgust, because it means that I have the priveledge of voting for the man who makes my secret inner Liberetarian cry...because I really did get to live to see an honest politician.