Saturday, March 15, 2008

Every Party Has An End

The Ultimate Blog Party is no more. Well, until next year! :) I had a great time looking at everyone's blogs and getting some inspirational blogger motivation. Everyone's blogs looked really great!

I ran into a lot of moms like me--Erin at Imperfect Mother (who's perfect anyway, right?) has a son who has a way with words that I found eerily similar to our own Monkey. Go check out why babies come from China! I also ran into Erin at Fully Alive...Ready to Smile. Besides her amazingly warm and friendly party post that just oozed with Donna Reid hospitality I get the feeling we have very similar experiences with kids and her blog is a great read! Plus I LOVE her layout. [Totally jealous.]

I found the blogs of a lot of bloggy newbies like myself as well. I really enjoyed Lorie, of At Home Mom. While she might be a new blogger she has 17 years in the homeschooling game, two grown children, two middle school aged children at home, and one new grandbaby and I really look forward to getting some good insights from her volumes of knowledge.

I was also happy to see that there were blogs from actual real life writers in there too. Wifey from Wifey's House has recently published her book about Newlyweds which because of her writing style I look forward to reading even if I don't get the advance copy! We also have similar ideas toward certain household chores...and nothing brings moms together like housekeeping philosophies!

Another real life writer/blogger I enjoyed reading was Marianne from Writer-Mommy. She had some very insightful comments here on my blog and cracked me up with her story about her toast fire!

Last, but certainly not least, I now have a spot saved in my heart and on my blogroll for Suzie from Up The Hill Backwards. She too has a big boy and a baby girl and the way she writes about them cracks me up! And I totally feel her about being a greedy blogger.

This party has, frankly, rocked my socks. And, to end it on a super high note, hubby and I have decided to finally FINALLY FINALLY get hi speed internet through the cable company! It'll be here on that means I'll be here a lot more [and a LOT faster!].

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you all had a great time and that I get to see you around here often!


Wifey said...

Great wrap up! I had a ball partying, too! It was my first of hopefully many. Thanks for the kind words, I enjoy your blog, too, and look forward to reading more - smiles!

just love! said...

I didn't make it to most of those. I am going to have to check them out...especially the writer mommys!

Erin said...

Aw, I'm so flattered that I made it into someone's post about the party! You just made my day : ) I love reading your blog and I'm so glad I found it. I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's alright with you. Okay, I have a silly grin on my face right now...