Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Due to overwhelming lack of response, I am closing the Big Give contest early. It's okay-I know you're all busy.

Still, CONGRATS to Susie-the contest's only entrant and therefore the big WINNER!


Susie is now entitled to either a free blog makeover or a week of her feed in my sidebar (not as dirty as it sounds....). Step on up and claim your prize Susie and thanks for your post!


Suzie said...

WEEEEE!!!!! Yea!!!!! That is so awesome! Is all that for me? I feel like I am on the price is right!I'll take the makeover please.

I have one request My Cuz is visually imparred and wanted to know if she could let you know a few tricks so her and her RP friends could still read my blog easily.

* Arial font is best
* 16 size ideal
* No images under writing
* Contrast is best simple - black text on white/yellow etc

Ohh Im so excited. Weee. Thank you

Angela said...

Cute new look. Oh, please e-mail me your new button and I'll put it on my site.