Saturday, April 5, 2008

Try It, You'll Like It

I have been doing a lot of new things lately. The first of which is getting used to snow in April. YES-SNOW IN APRIL. I think it's beyond rediculous that I look out my window on what should be a nice spring day and see a blizzard. I mean, summer is just around the corner right? [I hope so!] This climate change (due to change of address, nothing political here) is really getting to me. How I miss my beloved Portland-where it is 65 and partly cloudy (or partly sunny) almost every day of the year! Having seasons-especially long, drawn out winters-is certainly going to take some getting used to!

Another new thing I'm doing is fun. And by "fun" I mean "crazy" but in a fun kind of way. That is learning how to be a mom to two children. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be in many ways-Hubby and I basically have to work the kids in shifts-but in a lot of ways it's a lot more fun too. There are a lot of great moments-like when Monkeypants held his sister for the very first time (which was only a couple of days ago because before that he didn't want to). That was SO SWEET! Also, watching Miss Bug explore everything and grow so much every day has been amazing. She is 7 weeks old and she has already found her hands (we're still working on using them), smiled her first real non-gas related smile, she can hold her head up for a good minute, and she has rolled over already!! Today she even made her first cooing sounds when I was talking to her. Monkey is getting so big and is enjoying doing lots of "big boy stuff" with mommy and daddy (which I'll post about later in an unschooling post). My kids are so beautiful and they're growing up so fast-it's a whole new experience, but a wonderful one.

A not-so-wonderful new experience is me getting ready for my very first (and hopefully only and last) surgery. We are definately going to have to get this gallbladder out-I've had several attacks in the last few days alone-and that means there will be some slicing and dicing of my abdomen area. I'm super nervous about it because I've never been hacked to pieces by a doctor before and I've never been under anesthesia before, so it's going to be an adventure. In the end it will be worth it though, to never have another gallbladder attack again! That would certainly qualify as a new experience, since I've been having gallbladder attacks for more than 5 months now.

Another good new experience I've had recently is doing page design. I designed this page, and I just finished a custom design for Angela at Becoming Me and for her family web page as well. I can't believe how well they all turned out!! My husband and I have been talking about it, and we both think that this might be a great way to earn some money on the side (always helpful in our goal of becoming hundred-th0usand-aires), especially because I'd be working on something that's fun for me. So if you're interested in a custom design for your blogger blog (my technical prowess only expands to Blogger at the moment) drop me an email. I made my prices lower than any others I could find out there for this type of service, since I'm new to it and all and want to build up my experience. Or, alternately, you can enter my Big Give Contest for a chance to win a FREE page design!

Life is so full of new and wonderful experiences. Even the experiences that are not so fun (like surgery) can have great results that make them worth it. I guess it's true what they say-life is all about learning and you never stop learning as long as you live.

I don't think I'd want to anyway.


Becoming Me said...

Congrats on all the neat changes. It was such a pleasure working with you on my new blog design. I love both pages and have heard nothing but positive feedback.

Parenting two children instead of one with the adjustment of moving across the country was a challenging one for me, but it did get easier once the baby started to sleep throughout the night and get to the stage where he and my 4 yr old can actually entertain one another.

Thanks again for the awesome design work and I'll be praying for your new business as well as for your family changes. Blessings, Angela

Angela said...

Hey! I tagged you at All That Naz

Suzie said...

Wow another page change. This one is really different. Although I think I liked the one with the checker marks the best. You do really good work. Good luck on the business

Erin said...

As a mom it's one of the best things in the world to watch your kids grow and change and discover their world. Nothing quite like it.

I hope your surgery goes well. That sucks that you have to be "sliced and diced" but I guess you'll feel better once it's out.

Another lovely layout. I think that's a great way to earn some money. There are so many people out there who know nothing about layouts and templates and so they settle for boring blog layouts.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Thanks guys! (or, more accurately, gals)I'm praying hard that the new business works out too. Soon I'll be posting a link to my 'business' page-ya'll will have to check it out :)