Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can't believe I haven't written a single blog in a whole week!

Okay, yes I can. There are a lot of things I've been slacking on the last week. For instance, my house is covered in laundry. I think I can tell which is clean and which is dirty, but I'm pretty sure I've washed Monkeypants' jeans at least a couple of times a piece but I can never really remember if I washed them or not, so in they go. Maybe I'm just fooling myself.

I just haven't gotten enough sleep to focus. Or even really care anymore at this point. I've only been getting one or two hours of sleep a night during the last week and when I do wake up from these "naps" I have been feeling like I was repeatedly punched in the face while sleeping.

Obviously, Baby Bug is largely the culprit in this scenario. She has decided she sleeps best during broad daylight, and perfers to use most of her 'active time' between the hours of 12am and 730am. Not that she's opposed to waking up every 45 minutes between 8pm and midnight for a good cuddle/nursing session. She's happy to do that, and help mommy make sure that she can never really close her eyes all the way.

Wouldn't want that.

Another surprise antagonist in this story is my husband. I might love that man waaaay to much (if there is such a thing). Hubby and I are very best friends, which is wonderful, but sometimes has the pitfall of turning our house into a continual slumber party-complete with staying up late talking about all sorts of nothing until we pass out. I just can't stop talking to that man. I am intellectually addicted to our conversations....and not just because my conversations usually only involve children 4 and under. He really is brilliant, and funny, and worth staying up late to talk to.

Too bad I'm turning into a zombie.

I've also had a LOT of morning appointments that I have had to make, which means staying up after Hubby gets up, when I would normally be sleeping. My normal goal is to sleep from 8am until Noon when Hubby has to start getting ready for work. But when I have these appointments (take the car to get tags, meet someone about a house we're hoping to rent, go to the doctor, etc) that means I have to do those FIRST and that's why this week I've been lucky to make it into bed by 11.

Hubby, in his gracious mercy, has looked kindly upon his poor bedraggled little wife and has let me sleep until the absolutely very last second (1pm) whenever possible, but we really can't afford for him to be late to work all the time so I usually take one for the team.

Of course, lack of sleep also has impacted my children. Mostly because mommy lays in her chair with one baby in her arms and another baby using the arm of the chair to jump up and down as hard as he can and yell 'mommymommymommy' at what seems the loudest possible decible. Of course, even if he were whispering it would still make my head feel like it's cracking over because I have had a migraine forEVER now.

It's situations like this that lead to waking up curled on the floor in the hall having no idea how long you've been asleep. Luckily for me Monkeypants and Baby Bug were both sleeping in their respective beds, so no children were harmed or neglected because of my appearant narcolepsy. The scary part is I don't even know if I fell, or hit my head, or passed out, or just got so tired I curled up in the hall for a quick nap. Having no appearant injuries I assume it was one of the last two--still, don't worry, I am seeing my doc about it.

Another morning appointment, and more hours of missed sleep.

At least all this makes it easy to decide what I want for Mother's Day. All I really need is a full 8 hours of sleep, which Hubby has said he would arrange for me-I can't wait for Sunday!!


Suzie said...

Ohhh I want that too! S has been up every 45 min for the last 3 days and Im loosing my mind.

Becoming Me said...

Sleep deprivation is BRUTAL!!!! I am so sorry you are experiencing it. I hope little bug gives you a break soon.

Wifey said...

Wow. You've been busy AND sleep deprived - that sucks! Kudos to husband who's going to look out for you on Sunday!

And, I just love that you love to stay up and talk to your husband. Isn't that wonderful! Husband and I talk a lot, too, but lately we've been staying up watching marathon episodes of 24. We're like two little kids having a slumber party - smiles!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's mother's day...ask for 9 hours! I can't believe the amount of laundry around here since the potty training has started. I think I've put in a load of pee-smelling laundry just about every day for the past few weeks.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Susie-I'm so sorry! I hope she gets back to sleeping soon.

Angela-Thanks, I hope so too!

Wifey-Don't you love having a relationship like that?

Licensedtoblog-I know what you mean. Monkeypants still has issues with night time potty training. Between him and baby pees alot we have whole days devoted exclusively to pee pee laundry!