Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Wisdom Is Showing

So I pulled up my hair today into a braid and noticed than on my hairline I am growing a SIGNIFICANT number of grey hairs. Like BRIGHT GREY hairs.

There were at least ten of the stupid things. And those are just the ones I found in the front!

So far they are not obvious because they are hiding underneath the top layer of my hair, but they are there. Lurking. Threatening to show other people that I am getting old. I shouldn't be surprised though-every woman on my mother's side was COMPLETELY grey by 28.

In a way I like grey hairs though, because Hubby has them too. It means we really are growing old and grey together, and nothing could make me happier than that.

We will celebrate SIX YEARS together this November. A lot happens in six years. It's amazing (and wonderful) how much we've changed and grown together in this better part of a decade. The most lovely part is watching the one I love become the person I always knew he was. The boy I fell in love with has grown into a supportive and loving husband, a protective and playful daddy, the stable and mature head of our family, and provider for our household-I couldn't be more proud and honored to be his wife!

Every day, every year our life gets better and our relationship gets stronger and happier. If we're already growing happily old together after only six years, I can't wait for the beauty of the next 60!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh shucks, that's sweet.

You are way more mature than I am about grays. I pluck a few and highlight the rest. My husband does not seem to be graying yet (and he's 7 yrs older than I). That's my excuse.

Suzie said...

Congratualtions I hoe you have a long and happy marraige

Erin said...

I saw my first white (not grey, pure white) at 22 years of age. And in the last 8 months the hair has considerably multiplied into an array of white streaks. I guess now I HAVE to color more regularly or learn to live with it. But I have super dark hair, so every single hair shows.

And that is so sweet that you and your hubby are so in love. I wish you many, many, many more years of happiness.

Genny said...

Only ten gray hairs? Consider youself lucky! Smiles,