Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tell All Tuesday:Mommy MacGyver

Being a mom is a full time job. In fact, it's several-Doctor, Nanny, Chef, Chauffeur, Therapist, Teacher, Housekeeper, Mediator/Referee...it's enough to keep Mommy busy 28 hours a day 380 days a year.

And that's not even attempting the mythical super mom idea. You know the one who keeps her house white glove spotless, whose children are always clean and quiet, who cooks three perfectly square all-organic meals and two snacks a day from scratch but still has time to teach her six month old how to read and her 2 year old to speak Latin while knitting socks for her husband.

That mom does not exist. Anywhere. She never has.

Because being a plain old Peanut Butter and Jelly makin', store brand sock buyin' mommy takes SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY there's just no way that any mom in recorded history has time to do all of those other things unless her children are imaginary.

Being a mom is very nearly a two person job-so how do we get it all (okay, most of it) done? We take short cuts! We use little "Mommy tricks" to make chores go faster, or appliances hold themselves together until we can get around to doing something about their broken parts. We are the creators of microwave meals on genuine dinnerware, and store bought brownies lovingly repackaged for class parties. We have a thousand and one tricks of the trade to help us get through the day with at least some of our goals accomplished.

Unfortunately, these tricks don't come to you through osmosis the day you bring your bundle of sunshine home. Many of them are learned simply through trial and error (sometimes a lot of error) during sleepless nights and crazy days. Sometimes however-if you're lucky-another Mom will pass on some of her hard earned wisdom to make your life just a little bit easier.

Here's my tip to make your lives a little easier (if you have newborns)-a baby with gas will often sleep better in a slightly relclined position than in a flat on their back position...so instead of laying the little bundle in their crib or bassenette on especially gassy nights, put them to sleep in their bouncy chair, swing, or carseat. I have absolutely NO idea why this works, and I doubt it will work for everyone (every kid is different, you know), but it has worked like a charm for all three of our kidlets and I hope that passing on that experience makes another Mommy's life a little easier.

So friends, just between us, what Mommy tips or tricks do you have to share? Come on-link up-and help a Mommy out.

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Future Mama said...

I'm not a mommy but I'm thinking if maybe I have a mommy trick anyway, hmmm. Nope, can't think of one right now. But if I do... I'll be back! haha

Jen said...

It works because when babies are in a semi-reclined position, it puts pressure on their intestines and helps them to relieve their gas easier. Been there..done that! :)

Really cute post by the way..but I have to say..my kids all learned how to read at 6months and my husband has ALL hand-knit socks! LOL!! I wish!! ;)

MrsM said...

Future Mama-All tips for Moms are welcome, even if they are not from moms-we need all the help we can get!

Jen-That totally makes sense! Except the part about your reading newborn! Though if anyone could do it, it'd be you! ;)

Suzie said...

I did the same thing. Both of my kids slept in bouncy seats for the first few months of their lives.

Jenny said...

My daughter slept in a Fisher Price cradle swing for 8 months. She has really bad acid reflux and couldn't lay flat. We even had to prop her up to change her diaper.

That $100 Ocean Aquarium swing was the best money I've ever spent!