Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy's Fabulous Find Friday-Melissa from The Jensen's Crazee Life

Ladies and gentleman (I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Hubby is the only male that reads my blog)-it's time again for Fab Find Friday, and once again I'm featuring one of YOU....because I want to get to know every one of you and find out what makes you great! This week (and, if you're paying attention, last week too) I got to know more about super fabulous follower

Melissa's a small town gal with 3 kids-two girls and one boy-so I knew right away we'd have a lot in common! Reading her blog you can just tell how much she loves her family! I love that her blog is so personal-reading it I felt like I was getting to know a real person, not just a blog persona.

Alright let's make introductions---readers, Melissa. Melissa, readers. Great! Now let's get to know more about Mrs. Jensen.

So Melissa, tell us about yourself.

About me....hmmmm. Well I live in small~town Iowa with my husband Troy, my 3 kids, Taylor, Delaney, and Kale. And our 3 English bulldogs Bentley, Dempster, and Chunky Monkey.....only a face a mother could love!!!

I work at a window factory Pella Windows & Doors in Pella, Iowa.. By no means my dream job but I do get a paycheck that I like to see on Fridays!!!!!! But because of the economy I took a voluntary layoff back in January. So for now I have been a SAHM.....and I LOVE it!!!!! Not alot of hobbies because we have 3 kids who are involved in sports, so that has to be our biggest hobby watching our kids run in cross country and track, play basketball and wrestle, and watching baseball and softball....I hope I didn't miss anything. But I also like scrapbooking, antiquing, photography, and we have a Harley Davidson that we just got last summer and we love it!!!! Not that we have a ton of extra time to ride but when we do we enjoy it alot!!!!!

Three kids...three dogs...yep that will keep you busy! But I bet it provides a lot of good updates for your blog. Tell us all where we can find your writing.

By this question I assume you are asking about my blog!??!?! You can find us at

I'm pretty sure I know just by looking at your blog, but who and/or what inspires you to write?

That is family. I started blogging so that our extended family could keep up with us and know what the kids are up to. But I have really met a ton of very nice people in the blog I enjoy reading and sharing stories with all of you.

It's great to read your posts-they're so down to earth. What do you think is your favorite post so far?

I am not going to say this is my very favorite....because when I was looking back through my post I ran across alot that I laughed about. But the one I am sharing is going along with your questions.....just a few more questions and answers.

I always like to find out where a good writer gets their read on-what writers (and/or bloggers) do you read regularly?

You will have to check out my blog list.....I have ALOT of favorites!!!!

What are your future plans for your writing/blog?

That is an issue I have....I do not plan very well!!!! So I plan to continue the same and kids. But I do hope that I can get my act together and get my posts caught up.

I don't think you've got an act to get together...I know that your posts, just as they are now, are completely worth visiting!

And now, for something completely different.......

Coffee or Soda?
EASY...Diet Pepsi or Sweet Tea!!!!

Can I just say that we are drink twins? I drink Diet Soda in quantities just shy of IV drip and Hubby loves Sweet Tea. You have excellent taste! Ha ha ha.

What is the one phrase you say the most?
"you will be fine" or "life's to short to worry about that"

Your favorite junk food is......
Oh....I love it all!!! Nachos, ice cream, salted nut roll, and the list goes on and on!!!!!!

Tell us about the person you've known that has most influenced you.
I am not going to pick one person, but I will say my family....because we have not had the simplest life, but they always have a way to find the good in most everything we face and we can laugh and cry as a family and still stick together!!!

Having a great family is, I think the biggest advantage you can have in life! Thank you so much for following my blog and doing my little interview Melissa.

Okay ladies (and Hubby)-go visit our new friend Melissa for a good, honest taste of some down home blogging. You'll be so glad you did!

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missy said...

thanks for the fab find post about me!!!!!
how exciting.....i'm kind of a star for the day.
now i have to go write a post about it so that some of my peeps will stop by and visit you!!!!!!
thanks was fun!!!!!
but i told you my life was not very exciting!!!! ;0)

Julie, Little One-of-a-Kind Design said...

cute cute cute blog! i love the title of it. found you via SITS!

Jenny said...

Nice to meet you, Melissa! I'm off to check out your blog...

Mommyof2girlz said...

Stopping in from SITS to say hello...have a great 4th of July!