Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tell All Tuesday:Growing Up

How do you deal when your baby's not a baby anymore? That's not a clever lead in, I really have no idea. True, Baby Bug is still pretty small and The Bean is literally an infant so it's not like I don't have my fair share of little ones anymore. And yes, 5 years old is no where near all grown up, but it still breaks my heart to think of how big he is.

This weekend it was only made worse by his devastatingly handsome, brand new, super cool grown up hair cut.

My little boy with his surfer wave hair

My little man with his hair cut just like Daddy's

Of course it didn't help that the entire time he was getting his hair cut he was flirting with the stylist. When he sat down in the chair he looked her right in the eye and said in his most lady killing voice, "Hi, My name is (Monkey) Mr. Fluffy-what's your name?" It was so adorable-and it definitely had the mark of childhood on it (Monkey likes to pretend to be different animals and people and the only way you know "who he is" on any particular day is by the character name that he tacks after his own)-but the fact that he was genuinely flirting with a girl he thought was "super pretty" made me realize once again that he's not going to stay little.

Then add the fact that his haircut makes him look (I think) like a mature 7 rather than a just-turned-5? Mommy's having a very very hard time with this. It reminds me that every day he is one year older, soon he'll be so old he'll be driving cars, and going on dates, and leaving the nest, and getting married, and having children, and just thinking about it makes me feel queasy.

So tell me, please, how do you cope with your babies getting older?


Kimberley said...

Umm..... you have more babies? ;o)

Seriously, I am yet to find a cure for that sad feeling that time is going too quickly.
If only there was a way to pause time for a little while. It really does just fly by.

missy said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!
he looks ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
and a flirt too....how sweet!!!!!!
my baby is going to be 13 in september.......WEIRD!!!!!

Kirsty said...

It's tough for sure, but I focus on all the wonderful things we can do as a family as they grow. Of course mine are all very close in age, which means that they all go through pretty much the same stages together. Now that my youngest is 5 and my oldest is 10 a whole new world of entertainment and fun has opened up to us. It's a comfort but I don't think it is ever easy to watch our babies grow. :(

Jenny said...

I know what you mean. My daughter is 5 also and she doesn't have that baby look anymore :( I'm not sure how to deal with it.

Samantha said...

I am currently going through this. My baby is about to turn 2, but she's getting so big so fast! I don't know how to cope, other than cry about it, but I try to look forward to her future. I realize that I can't just start having more babies, just because Bree isn't a baby anymore. Maybe we can make up an antidote to keep our babies from growing!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

What a little cutie! You had better keep an eye on him...he sounds like a smooth operator! LOL!

I don't cope. I just have a new baby every year...

Robynn's Ravings said...

First of all - he looks DARLING! As for how to cope....uh....when I figure it out I'll let you know.

I bawled like a starving calf when I cut all my 3-yr-old boy's curls off and into a bowl cut. Then I bawled again when he wanted a G.I. joe - read buzz - and all his lovely blonde locks were gone. My two are now 14 & 18. They don't let you cling to hard but thank the LORD they are both still sweet and loving! I think I'd fall over and die if they weren't!

My word veri is reping: So how 'bout this...."When all you young moms have kids my kids' age, you'll be reping what your sowing: loving children!"

Gigi said...

How do I cope?
I cry.

MrsM said...

Kimberley-Stay away from me with that kind of logic~3 is more than company! LOL I do know what you mean though.

Missy-Thank you =) 13 scares me, so good luck to you!

Kirsty-That's good advice! We do try to look forward to the new fun things that they can do as "older" kids, but I think it's easier for Daddy to do that.

Jenny-I think Monkey and your daughter are just a few months apart. Good to know we both feel lost! ;)

Samantha-That's right...ANTI growth hormone, made especially for mamas to give their babies!

Muthering Heights-Oh it is glaringly obvious to everyone who knows Monkey that he's going to be a lady killer like his Daddy. And it scares me to pieces! I see the appeal of a new baby every year...but I don't see the appeal in having a dozen kids! I'm crazy enough with just the three I have LoL.

Robynn's Ravings-Thank you. I do think he is smashingly handsome with his new hair cut....that's part of the problem! Thanks for the encouragement though. It's good to think that if I raise them to be snugglers I might still get some cuddles even when they're grown. =)

GiGi-If crying counts as coping then I am a model of emotional health :D