Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free Range Baby

Baby Bug has finally entered what I like to call "the nudist phase". If you turn your back on that girl for thirty seconds she will undress herself down to her birthday suit. Every kid I've ever known has gone through this phase, but Baby Bug is the only one I've ever met that calls, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" and then dashes away. Around and around and around she runs, naked as a jaybird, peeking around the couch arms to make sure I'm following and then running and shrieking and giggling hysterically when I try to scoop her up.

Obviously, this is the best game ever.

Monkey of course is happy to provide the play by play commentary for our little race-Mommy, Baby Bug took off her clothes. Mommy, she wants you to chase her Mommy! Run Mommy run! You're not going fast enough! She thinks you're SO FUNNY Mommy! I think you're funny too! You can't catch her~RUN Baby Bug RUN!

All the while The Bean, who is generally a very pleasant baby and a fantastic napper, is nearly always awakened by this chaos and (naturally) she starts to cry.

One newborn crying? Check. One naked toddler shrieking and leaving a trail of pee while she runs? Check. One preschooler cheering loudly from the sidelines? Check.

One tired Mama? Double check.

Luckily, the nudist phase is a sure sign that it is time to usher in the era of potty training. Thank God. Not that potty training is fun (as anyone who has ever done it will tell you), but once it's over with I'll only have one in diapers and I may be able-for a short time-to get rid of the lingering pee smell.

Unless it is, as I fear, permanently burned into my nostrils.


glenna said...

Stopping by from SITS. I enjoyed your post. It gave me a nice grin to start my day. :-)

K said...

Gotta love the nudist phase. Won't it be nice if it came after the potty training was complete?

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Lol! Sounds familiar!

Jenny said...

LOL! Potty training isn't fun, but not buying diapers is worth it!

Scrappy Girl said...

My little ones are nudists too!

MamabearMills said...

caaaaaaaaaute blog! i commented near you on SITS so I wanted to say HELLO!!! have a great day!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Hmm sounds like a BLAST! (Not.)

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh you poor Momma! I have a streaker too. He likes to water my floors from time to time. Funny thing is (and I am so thankful for this!) when he has to pee he runs into the bathroom or the kitchen then pees...on my floor but hey, it beats him peeing on my carpet! I'm not sure where he picked that up from, lol!

I hope your kids are treating you kind today!