Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tell All Tuesday:Inked

There you go, friends-my sister's math tattoo, inked right there between her shoulder blades. Apparently, it does solve itself on her back (so she says and I can kind of see since there is in fact an "equals" sign in it)...which is good because I don't know that anyone would take the time to solve a tattoo.

I am also supposed to inform you that the formula on her back was written by her, and is actually copyrighted. So, in case you were inclined to steal this math formula (!?), don't.

I really really like tattoos. I love to look at them, and see the artwork, and hear the stories behind them-but I don't have one myself. I'm kind of worried about getting one. When I get old, and I get wrinkly, it's not going to look pretty anymore. Then I'll have some weird looking ink blot on my body that I can't get rid of. My other fear is what would happen if I do okay with the needle at first, but then half way through it starts to hurt too bad...what am I going to do-get half a tattoo? Subject myself to it again so that I can finish the picture?

I have had a picture in my head of the tattoo I want for more than five years now. I love the idea, and it has special meaning to me, but honestly I'm just too chicken. So far. Here's what my (possible) future tattoo is going to look like:
Obviously, it's going to have our real names in it, there's going to be a different, more Celtic font that is actually going to curve as opposed to being written one letter at a time, and the love knots are going to look a little different, but that's the basic idea-a Celtic tree of life, with mine and Hubby's name on the bottom and the kidlet's names on the top, and Celtic love knots between our names and the kids'. I love this idea, and I love the symbolism, and I would love to have it on my upper back, in the middle, just above my shoulder blades. I just can't commit.

So, guys, help me out. Tell me-do you have a tattoo? Want to share a picture? A story? Was it super painful? Are you worried about how your tattoo will change as your body changes over time? In the end, why do you think it was worth it? Thanks for your input!


carma said...

here I was spending the evening trolling the internets for a math formula to steal ;-)

Kerree said...

I like the 'idea' of a tattoo especially one dedicated to my children...but actually going and getting one is a whole different story. I'm not one much for pain and in 20 years everyone will see how badly I've sagged :(

Erin Bassett said...

LOVE the Celtic tree...but I'm totally with ya on the getting old & it not looking so hot & the pain too.

Stopping by from SITS.

Michelle said...

Love the tatoo. I have wanted one but find myself going back and forth. If I ever do get one it will have to be pretty special for me to commit.

Anonymous said...

I've considered a tattoo, but the only design I've ever thought of is pretty weird--a small one of the cartoon character Super Chicken. The quote I probably repeat too often in regards to situations involving being a mother, being a wife, going to work, etc. is from that cartoon: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it." I think because I saw that all the time it's appropriate...but I'm a thirty-eight year-old woman, and Super Chicken just does not seem right. So, unless I can come up with something better, I think I'll skip it.

MrsM said...

Carma-I know, right? LOL. She's a nerd, but she's my nerd and I love her.

Kerree-My thoughts exactly!

Erin-I'm generally a tough gal. I've had meningitis, I've passed gallstones, I've given birth naturally....I'm still not loving the idea of repetitive needle stabs.

Michelle-Oh it's a huge decision. It's permanent, right? That's why I still haven't sat in the chair.

Michele-As long as it has meaning to you, I don't think it's stupid. Sometimes I think tattoos are even better if it's kind of funny-then it's like a cool ice breaker!