Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Bit of "Help"! {Help! I'm A Newlywed...Book Review and Giveaway}

Hubby and I have been married about 2 1/2 years, so while we've obviously been together longer than that (Monkey is 5, after all) we are still new-ish-ly wed people. And there is no one I can recommend more to a new or newishly married person than my friend Wifey.

Wifey (aka Lorraine Sanabria Robertson) runs a wonderful site called Ask Wifey (you may or may not remember that she and her blog were featured in last week's Fab Find Friday). There she gives advice to wives about all of the hard-to-navigate hijynx of marriage, from dealing with first year fighting to coming to compromises on finances and everything in between. Her site is insightful, and supportive, and positive. I found her blog waaaaaaaaay back in the day during Blog Party 2008, a more than a year but less than two years after Hubby and I tied the knot, and I immediately loved her style-so when she said that she had written a book for newly married women, and was giving a copy away before it was even published, I was all over it.

Unlike every other contest I've ever entered, I actually won (!) and got myself signed copy of "Help! I'm A Newlywed....What Do I Do Now?". I read it in a single night. Even though living together was a little old hat for us (we had lived together for going on 4 years at that point) I found myself nodding and smiling over every page, and I still found some great insights laced in there for "Level Two" newlyweds.

In her book Wifey talks about how to survive the post-wedding withdrawls, and how to get over the "and they lived happily ever after" part and get down to business making ever after as happy as possible. She gives advice about sharing space, managing money and in laws, and how to deal with a Hubby addicted to sports.

The book is also peppered with quotes from wives of different levels of experiences-from newlyweds to real veterans-who all give their advice and talk about their experiences with their husbands. It's great to read so many perspectives and to see them all neatly woven together with Wifey's own words of wisdom and encouragement.

I just love this book....and you will love it too. You can go to Amazon and buy one, but I figured since I was lucky enough to win a signed copy I'd pass that luck along and give one of YOU your very own signed copy of Wifey's book [Don't worry, you'll get your own-I'm not parting with mine!]. Enter to win it for yourself, or for any blushing bride (or bride to be) that you love.

As with all of my contests, all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered to win. If you want to increase your odds, I have lots of ways for you to do that.

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This contest will end at 12am on September 30th~Good luck to everyone!!

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Preston said...

Is the contest over? My daughter is getting married and I would love to give this to her. It sounds like a great book.