Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Review of Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook

I know, I know-most of us just cooked our brains out for Thanksgiving and you're probably thinking that if you never saw an oven again it would be too soon. Trust me though-if anything could get you in the cooking mood again it would be the Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook.

It's easy to get caught up in the fact that this cookbook is brought to you by Jack Daniels-for some people this is a draw. For myself personally it made me a little more skeptical-I have a glass of wine or a girly drink once, maybe twice a year-but I do love cooking, I've enjoyed a Jack and coke in my day, and I do have a special love for southern cooking so I gave this cook book a shot.

I'm so glad I did! This book is boiling over with delicious southern recipes-many of which, to my surprise, did not include Jack. Of course there are drink 'recipes' in the book, but the recipes are overall very diverse including sections for appetizers, soups and salads, vegetables, breads, entrees, desserts, cakes and pies, sauces and gravies, and even a section specifically for outdoor cooking.

I have so far tried at least one recipe from each section of this cookbook and I honestly have yet to find a recipe that I don't like and have many, many more on my 'to try' list. This cook book is fabulous! Inside The Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook there is yet another special touch-interwoven amongst the delicious recipes you'll find both short writings and beautiful pictures that really show the unique lifestyle and culture that is the south, and which make this cookbook a multisensory experience.

You can taste, smell, touch, see, and learn a little about the south in the Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook...and if you're an amateur foodie like me you almost certainly won't be disappointed.


Vodka Logic said...

Bet my husband would like this.. only thing I know about JD is with ginger ale.

5thsister said...

Jack and Coke. Best buds of mine in college. We parted ways when Cabernet entered my life.

Scrappy Girl said...

You are right...I don't want to hear about cooking...the cover is really pretty! lol

singedwingangel said...

oooh as a KY girl I know the greatness of Jack in Cooking. BBQ sauce reaches another level with Jack as a guest.. I am notm uch of a drinker never have been but Mr.Daniels and I cook well together lol