Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas (The First)

First, can I say how good it feels to be blogging? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....It has been INSANE here lately. Hubby got a second job, I'm working, and we've been doing holidays non stop for the last month. With three kids five and under all of this has been no small feat-but more about that later.

I'm too excited to post about chaos-today is Christmas the First! Like most married people, we celebrate Christmas several times-once with my family, once with Hubby's family, and once with just us and the kids. Every year we have Christmas the First, Christmas the Second (Christmas Strikes Again), and Christmas the Third (The Return of Christmas). We always celebrate Christmas day at home with just us and the kids, but the order of the Christmases changes and we just decided last week that this year's Christmas the First is going to be at our house, with my in laws.


You know what? I choose to be happy about it. Monkey is excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and the girls (my sisters in law, ages 7 and 8) and open presents-and I'm excited because he's excited. So bring on the sniping, bitter comments from my husband's mother and the cold shoulder from my husband's step dad. I welcome their girls' spoiled rotten attitudes and penchant for destruction. I'm going to load up the Christmas play list and blast it and enjoy my kids' enjoying the holiday. Plus, before I know it we'll be spending Christmas Eve (this year's Christmas the Second) at my parent's house and then waking up the next morning and enjoying my favorite Christmas of all-the one we get to spend alone with our little family!

I hope everyone is having a great season so far (a special "shout" to my Jewish friends who just wrapped up Hanukkah!). It's felt so good to blog again, even for just a minute-I think I'll be back tomorrow!

~ Until then~


singedwingangel said...

awww it is always nice to have a little bit of family time.. especially nice if you get the roughtest of them out of the way first lol

5thsister said...

You will survive because you have the true spirit within you! Have the happiest of Christmases! (my kids would be envious of 3 Christmases, but I guess there is some advantage to being far away from family and family politics!)