Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Tens

Tomorrow we start a new year and a new decade-I can't believe it's been another ten years already. This will be the fourth decade I've been a part of (though let's be honest-I don't remember much of the 80s). In this decade I will turn 30, Hubby and I will celebrate 15 years together, our oldest will turn 16 and (gulp!) be mobile, and the girls will go all pre-teen on us. It's going to be a big decade-but before we go forward I want to take a look back at the last eventful decade and give it a good send off. So, without further ado, my ten top lists for the last ten years.............

Top Ten Movies
Love 'em or hate 'em these are the movies that I've watched a million times a piece in the last ten years.

10. Wall-E
What is better than adorable robots in love? This movie is cuter than a puppy snuggling a kitten in a baby buggy.

9. The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
I love the idea behind this movie. It speaks to something I truly believe in-it's the good and the bad times that show us who we are, and we must have both to have truly full lives.

8. The Lady In The Water
Something about this dark fairy-tale-for-grown-ups is compelling to me. I could watch this movie every day.

7. Serendipity
Speaking based on purely anecdotal evidence from my own life, I believe that we all have one true love written in our destiny-and this movie is perfect for anyone who believes the same.

6. A Knight's Tale
I really liked Heath Ledger, I like historical pieces, and I like things with a lot of quirk-this squirrely romantic comedy mixed with arena rock is one of a kind awesome.

5. Run Fat Boy Run
I loved Shaun of the Dead (if this were a top 11 list it would have made it) but I think Run Fat Boy Run was the perfect mix of British Humor and sweet sentiment. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.

4. Pride and Prejudice (2005)
This is the version with Keira Knightly and Matthew MacFadyen. I have loved Jane Austen novels all my life and this incarnation of my favorite Austen novel is almost exactly the way I've pictured it in my head since I was a little girl. I have actually sat down and watched this 2+ hour movie back to back. Oh, Mr. Darcy how I love you...

3. House of Flying Daggers
Love, honor, and martial arts. This movie is as brilliant as it is beautiful and as stunning as it is tragic. I bawl like a baby every time, but I watch it again and again.

2. Serenity
Confession: I am a sci-fi nerd. I am also a Joss Whedon nerd. Okay, so I'm a nerd all around-but I don't think you have to be a nerd to appreciate the quick humor and great story behind this futuristic western (go with it) masterpiece based on one of my favorite short lived shows (Firefly).

1. The Notebook
With everything you know about me, is this really shocking anyone? The ultimate story of young, true love-it reminds me of Hubby and I and I just eat it up every time.

Song List of the Decade
Are these the undisputed best songs of the decade? No-I won't even claim that...but these have kept me rockin' for the last ten years.

10. Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out
Who can resist the guitar on this song? I defy you not to tap your foot.

9. Alice Deejay-Better Off Alone
Easily one of the best techno songs of the last decade it's great on it's own or in a mix.

8. Plain White Ts-Hey There Delilah
Yes, I like this syrupy preteen girl crap. SUE ME.

7. Josh Turner-Would You Go With Me
The only man on the planet with a voice lower than Hubby's...YUM.

6. Groillaz-Clint Eastwood
It's just so silly and fun-and an animated band...genius.

5. KT Tunstall-Black Horse In A Cherry Tree
Sure it's overplayed, and you'd have to have some kind of PhD to decipher it's actual meaning, but I just love her voice.

4. Alicia Keys-If I Ain't Got You
Soulful and beautiful-this song always makes me feel swoony.

3. Audioslave-Like a Stone
I'll admit, this is kind of a hold over. I LOVE Soundgarden, but they're from the 90s. Lucky for me, Chris Cornell made Audioslave and carried his voice into a new decade.

2. Lady Antebellum-I Run To You
I love the harmonies for this song. It's just so pure and honest, both musically and in the message. I can't get enough of this son.

1. Death Cab For Cutie-I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Hands down my favorite song in the last 10 years. Everything about it is just lovely-I'm pretty much speechless.

Fads of the Decade
It's in for a minute and then out before you know it, but we'll always remember the ones we bought into.

10. Crocs
The makers of these plastic shoes convinced literally millions of people to adorn them with bedazzle jewels and still take them seriously. Evil marketing geniuses I tell you.

9. Metrosexuality
Dudes got as high maintenance as chicks this past decade-I'm just glad I found Hubby before he got all gussied up.

8. "That's Hot" (as made famous by Paris Hilton)
Oh come on-you've said this at least once, even if you were joking.

7. High School Musical
I have managed not to watch a single one of these, but even I have to admit that Zac Efron is a cutie...does that make me a cougar? LoL.

6. Dance Dance Revolution
Viva la Revolution!

5. Flash Mobs
Ironic? Maybe. Funny? Sometimes. I personally like the musical ones.

4. Low Rise Jeans
This decade introduced the world to both "butt cleavage" and "muffin tops"...yeah thanxforthat.

3. Speaking of Pants...Skinny Jeans
On guys too. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew. I don't care if your 25lbs, skinny jeans are NOT flattering.

2. Ring Tones
I don't have a cell phone, but thanks to super loud ring tones I can still jam out in the grocery line to another person's favorite song.

1. American Idol
I don't watch it, but even I benefit from it in the form of their more talented alumni (Carrie Underwood springs to mind).

The Biggest News of the Decade

Here are the news snippets I think that I will be telling the kidlets about someday. I'll leave my own editorializing out of it =)

10. The beginning of the new millennium!
9. Mapping the human genome
8. 9/11
7. Hurricane Katrina
6. The wars
5. The rise of China
4. Death of Pope John Paul II
3. The hanging chads
2. America's first black president
1. The New Depression

The Top Ten in Tech & Media


10. MySpace
The first installment of social networking it hit it's boom, and is just now losing people to it's hip kid brother....

9. Facebook
Now that it's open to the general population, it's exploded into an ever growing social phenomenon.

8. Netbooks
Need a smaller, cheaper laptop? Well now there is one! It's easy on the go and super neato for around $200-300.

7. Twitter
Even I'm new to this one, but hey if I want to know what somebody ate for lunch it's just a click away!

6. GPS devices
Never get lost again! (Plus husbands can ask for directions in secret.)

5. iPod
World before iPod? No. Way.

4. YouTube
Can your cat play the piano? Does your baby have a funny laugh? Would you like to tell off a celebrity in front of a zillion people? YouTube it!

3. Digital Cameras
Being able to look at pictures a minute after you take them is SO PERFECT. I don't think I'll ever use a film camera again.

2. DVR

1. Wikipedia
The only thing that I use more than my DVR is Wikipedia. It is the Source of All Internet Knowledge and I heart it so.

The Best TV in the Last Ten Years
It's kept me glued to the boob tube for 10 years so it must be good...
10. The Gilmore Girls
You know you loved it-even Hubby did!

9. Scrubs
It's like ER with an awesome sense of humor.

8. Firefly
I mentioned it before but seriously-you must watch it. Then you too can feel sad and ripped off about it's early cancellation.

7. Mythbusters
I TOLD you I was a geek.

6. The Big Bang Theory
Further confirming my geekness but hey-non geeks like it too!

5. Psych
This show makes me pee my pants a little.

4. House
Who DOESN'T like House? Except every other character on the show, of course.

3. Bones
Yep, I think it's better than House.

2. The Daily Show
I have been watching this show since the first day Jon Stewart sat in the big chair, and I'll watch it 'til it goes off the air. HILARIOUS.

1. How I Met Your Mother
This is my list, and this is my favorite show-so there you have it. I know it's not as popular as some others, but I couldn't go a whole week without being told to suit up.

Ten Highlights of My Last Ten Years
The ten biggest things to happen to me this last decade (unlike the other lists though, these are in no particular order)....

I turned 16, I started living on my own, I met Hubby, we had Monkey, we got married, we had Baby Bug, we had The Bean, I started working for myself, and I started this blog!

It's been such a great 10 years overall-I can't wait to get going on the next one! Happy New Year everyone!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great was so much fun to see all the stuff that happened in the last 10 years....I too love How i Met your Mother!

Samantha said...

That was fun looking back at the last 10 years...this decade I will turn 30 too. Not cool. I'm going to try not to think about it.

Jen said...

I LOVED this post! It was totally awesome!!!

Happy New Year!

Chrissy MacCEO said...

Awesome list! This was so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing...Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade!!

The Crazy Baby Mama said...

twas fun to read your list. happy new year.

K said...

I'm so lame. I definitely need to watch more of these movies.

Thanks for the list, I'm going to have to add a few of things to my list of things to watch.

(I did finally read The Notebook, but I haven't watched the movie yet.)

Emily said...

Nice post. I am in agreement with a lot of these and you know how picky I am with everything. You have good taste, congrats!