Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Ten Spot: Leading Men

The Ten Best Male Characters of All Time [according to me]

10. Booth of Bones
I love love love this character. He is the ultimate man's man, but with a squishy underbelly of romanticism. He's the ultimate in tough with a heart of gold. Plus David Boreanaz? Seriously people.

9. Hamlet
The true Great Dane, Hamlet captures the epitome of angst and the contradictions of the human condition. Shakespeare sure knows how to write 'em.

8. Sherlock Holmes
A pretentious, ill tempered, insecure genius. He's a complex character that I always love to hate.

7. Soames Forsyte of the Forsyte Saga

Is he a bad guy, or is he a victim of a disintegrating Victorian society which no longer has a place for him? I can read this book a thousand times and never quite picture him the same way.

6. Sidney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities
A very dynamically written character, I always start out irritated with Carton and yet by the time he sacrifices himself for Lucie's sake I never fail to be convinced of his virtue.

5. Mal of Firefly/Serenity
Yep, he's on the list. You're probably going to wonder why...and why he's ranked so high-between Carton and Winston Smith. The reason is because he's actually a supremely developed character. Yes, he seems shallow and sarcastic on the surface, but between Joss Whedon and Nathon Fillion the character of Mal developed into a 'modern day' knight/cowboy character that I really love.

4. Winston Smith of 1984
I don't think I have ever felt as badly for another character as I do for
Smith. His plight is so tragic, and the humanity of this character is what makes this novel brilliant and gut wrenching.

3. Mr. Darcy
Oh noble, intelligent, forthright Darcy. Oh superior, snooty, human Darcy. I personally find him the most swoon-worthy fictional person ever.

2. Sir Percy of The Scarlet Pimpernel
The fop who-underneath it all-turns out to be the most heroic, intelligent, dashing, romantic character. To the best of my knowledge he was one of modern literature's first "undercover heros" and he certainly sets that bar high.

1. Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights
If you read this book you WILL feel intensely about Heathcliff. You will think that he is the most evil character ever written, or the most wonderful tortured romantic c
haracter ever written, but you won't be able to push him aside or only think about him for a minute. Books have been written on the subject of Heathcliff, and the truth is that you will see what you want to see in him because he is just as multidimensional as an actual human-if not more so.

So what do you think are the ten best male characters of all time? Weigh in~if you leave a link I'll come visit!

Sorry this is so late-I thought I set this for today, but apparently I set it for next Sunday-aaaah! Good think I checked before midnight!


Tracie said...

I second Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy.

karen said...

I love that you included Booth... my husband thinks the show is silly (which it is) but I do love his character. If you like Booth and like mystery/detective novels, check out any of the Elvis Cole books by Robert Crais. You will love Elvis too, he's the top of my list!

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Rana said...

Tom Hardy played an excellent Heathcliff. Did you see him in Oliver Twist? Yummy! Sir Percy is also one of m!y great favorites. Great list! Oh how about George Emmerson "A Room With A View" he was so misunderstood he just wanted to be loved by Lucy.