Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Ten Spot: Procrastination

Ten ways to avoid doing chores during nap time
10. Play Guitar Hero
9. Catch up on your DVR recordings
8. Read a good book (or a bad one, in a pinch)
7. Look up "housework" on Wikipedia
6. Facebook
5. Do a cross word in pen-start a new one if you mess up
4. Complete at least one whole phone conversation without interruptions
3. Take a bubble bath
2. Blog
1. Nap!

Do you have a list this week? Link below and I'll come visit!


Vodka Logic said...

I was thinking your nap not kiddos nap...shows I have older kids.

Great list. esp the last one.

AJ said...

Great list! Hope you have a good one!

5thsister said...

Yeah...a nap would be good. Thanks for reminding me!

ModernMom said...

This is a very good list! You are my kind of girl:)

j said...

love the list, i think i would not get past taking a nap or watching mindless tv.

Jen said...

Yup, that is about my list too.

Cathy said...

I'm very against doing chores at naptime, so I'm right there with you. My justification? My kids need to see me doing chores so they know how to do it right and so they don't think I sit around and do nothing all day :).