Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy's Fabulous Find Friday:Laura of Vodka Logic

It's Friday again, and today I am honored to be able to bring back Fab Find Fridays-especially with this week's featured blogger. She is one of my very favorite ladies-a great writer and an awesome commenter-I'd love for you all to meet

She was very patient and sat down to answer all of my interview questions (and even email them back to me several times when I lost them!)...I can't wait for you all to meet her, I just know you'll like her as much as I do!

So, tell us about yourself (Family/friends/pets? Career/hobbies? Fun facts? Hidden talents? Medical oddities?)...

I am married 29 years now and have two daughters 20 and 15 years old. The oldest is a junior in college studying history and the youngest is a sophomore in high school and an aspiring song writer/guitar player. They each have a cat and I said if we got them I would not change a litter box and I haven't yet in the five years we have had them.

I have a bit of a green thumb although my gardening has slacked off the last few years. The house we have now has crappy soil but I am going to try and revive the flower beds this summer.

As for medical oddities, when I was a kid I was told I had ear canals like a dog...very twisty. Apparently they were hard to look down.

And of course everyone wants to know where we can find your writing...

I write as Vodka Logic at My blog was originally named I was a Snicker Bar Addict [which I figured would be the name of my autobiography someday] but I felt it was too long and having teens turned me to a stronger addiction [just kidding, mostly] I wrote a poem called Vodka Logic and thought it would be a better name.

Curious minds want to know-who and/or what inspires you to blog?

My blog started as strictly a place to post my poetry but I can't "just write" poems which meant I could go days without posting so I expanded to include standard blogging [as I call it] life events, concert reviews and whatever springs to mind....

Please share with us your favorite posts so far!

Happiness is a Room Inside My Head

The Wondrous World of Social Networking was very popular

Happy Anniversary to me (hopefully) The source of the title of my blog

I hope you enjoy them..feel free to browse and comment

What writers (and/or bloggers) do you read regularly?

Unfortunately I don't read as much as I used to but my favorite authors include Ken Follett, Alistair Maclean, James Clavell and Robert Ludlum.
I hate to pick a favorite blogger [I know its the standard cop out answer] but I prefer humor to constantly serious blogs. I like to find blog written by guys, they have a different perspective. Check out my blogroll, I think it is diverse.

What are your future plans for your writing/blog?

I don't have any aspirations of being a professional writer but I suppose if I was approached to "spread my wings" I would take the chance. I think it would be fun to publish a book of poetry. Otherwise I will just plod along as I have been doing.

And now, for something completely different.......

Would you rather it be rainy and 70 degrees or sunny and 30 degrees?

I would have to choose rainy and 70. Like the saying "April showers bring May flowers" and I love flowers. I don't care for the cold.

Who was your favorite band/singer when you were 13?

Without a doubt Elton John was my favorite. His was the first concert I went to as well.

The best book of all time is.....

Tai Pan and /or Shogun by James Clavell

Desert islands are so cliche-if you had to spend the rest of your life inside of your home, what three items would you make sure to have for yourself?

Assuming I have necessities such as food, clothing and vodka I would want a constant source of music a computer and Kelly Jones [lead singer of Stereophonics]

Thank you for having me as your featured blogger I am honored.

Thank YOU for agreeing to be interviewed for Fab Find Friday! And of course for following me and being such a great commenter-you always brighten my day.

Alright everybody-go check out Vodka Logic to read some more from our friend Laura!


JennyMac said...

Awesome featured blogger! VL is one of my faves.

otin said...

I love Laura's poetry. She is one of the few that I read that I understand! :)

Vodka Logic said...

Thanks for the feature Mrs. M and VL and otin for the kind words.