Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maybe Baby

This baby is making me crazy!! And turning me into a hypochondriac. Every time I feel a pain I wonder if it's a REAL contraction or a Braxton Hicks (those always seem pretty 'real' to me!). Every time I leak something (and those of us who have kids know how often THAT happens) I wonder if it's my water leaking. I can never figure out when to call the doctor and when not to call the doctor, when to go in or not go in, when to wake up my husband, or call him at work, and when to just shut up, sit down, and stop being such a crazyperson.


I mean, stuff is definately happening here. Last time I went into the doctor's office I was another 20% effaced (which makes me 3cm and 70% effaced), and the big news was that my cervix is now completely ripe. So I asked him when he thinks I'll have the baby. His response?

"Could be a week, could be two, or I could deliver you tonight and not raise an eyebrow."

Oh yeah, doc. Helpful. Thanks. That eases my mind and makes me less crazy about every tiny toe tingle I have. Hubby is particularly greatful-any excuse he can find to encourage my insanity, right?

On the more helpful side, doc says that if she doesn't manage to be born then if I'm still progressing he'll strip my membranes at my next appointment. If THAT doesn't work, he said he would (if we wanted to) give us an amnio to decide 100% that her lungs are mature and that if we had the results of that back he'd go ahead and induce! THANK GOD! Still....we're on the fence about doing an amnio, so we're thinking that one over a bit more. We're all for the membrane stripping though!

We do have some good news on the baby front. We had another ultrasound (to check her weight gain since I am now 25lbs under my prepregnancy weight) and she looks awesome. She's "breathing" consistantly now, which the tech said means that her lungs are almost definately mature, and her estimated weight is 6lbs 5oz. Considering that I won't even be 36 weeks until tomarrow that is ONE BIG BABY! Based on that ultrasound her estimated birth weight at full term could be anywhere between 8 and 9 pounds. I'm so glad though that she's getting everything she needs...even if I do have to wonder where she gets it from!

Come on baby come on!