Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Survival Tip: Time Management

Oh don't worry-not ACTUAL time management lessons...this is just about what I have been filling my time up with lately. So technically, I guess, it's about how NOT to manage your time.

Of course, one of my favorite ways to kill time is keeping up on my mommy blogs. Some of my faves this week were Helen talking about the omnipresence of moms (You know..."I know what you're doing young man, even when you can't see me...I am always lurking. Watching. Waiting. And I'll get you! Because I'm mom."), and DeeDee talking about her technological impairedness and the glory days of typewriters...I hear ya girl! My computer is so old it's taking out social security! (Ba-dum-ching)

I also spend a hugely significant amount of time googling every single pregnancy related website I can find or think of. Like this one, which I go to mostly to lurk around and see what other people have to complain about that are at the same stage of pregnancy as me. (35 weeks now-WOO HOO!)

When I'm really bored I look around online to find stuff for the kids. I'm currently looking for a sling for the baby bug that doesn't have a plastic ring on it (cause that digs in and gets all hurty). I like this one (but I don't know if it's worth the price yet just to get the pretty design...I'm still debating):

I also like to look up quick, easy, and fun recipes online (something hubby appreciates too!) and I found this one for twice-baked potatoes (oh the deliciousness), and someone in the comments brought up the idea of using the small red potoatoes for an awesome tasting finger food-and we're always down for the quick-and-easy around here! Ha ha ha. (Warning:This has all sorts of fatty goodness in it, so if you're on a diet of some kind it's probably not for you.)

So tell me...what do you do with your time online?