Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Sweet Pregnancy Addiction

Food cravings are killer, but giving into them is absolute heavan. Unfortunately I have had my share of the pukies this pregnancy-I still get morning sickness at almost 34 weeks, and gallstones definately create some gastrointestinal..."come uppance"-so I have missed out on cravings entirely. I have been ruled by what I CAN'T eat rather than what I want to eat this time around-until today!

Today I got my first pregnancy craving (too bad my pregnancy is almost over), and right now I sit dipping my Nilla Wafers in vanilla pudding and topping it off with a side of mac and cheese. Yummmmmmmmm.Can you get cravings from eating your cravings? Cause now I want pizza with spinach, garlic, and chicken. Dang.

On a completely different-but fun-note, we have finally finished getting Baby Bug the last of her things. Our baby list is complete and we are ready for our girl! We still need to pick up some last minute stuff for me and hubby (some movies to watch while we're being induced, travel toothbrushes...same old same old) but then we are all set.

Dance-dance-dance-dance.....only 36 days or less until our baby girl is here!