Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Minute Panic

This baby is a freaking planet. Not that I'm calling my daughter fat or anything. I just seriously think that the girl is running out of room in there! At least, that's my assumption when she has her foot lodged under my ribcage and her head bashing into my hips repeatedly like a battering ram....maybe it's not that. Maybe she just doesn't like me. Or maybe it was something I ate. It's a mystery-but I'm going to go with the 'huge bun small oven' theory. Seems plausible.

Especially after talking to my MIL. I found out that my husband (unbeknownst to him or me) was actually a premie. It wouldn't normally be an occasion for shock except the part where he was a 7lb+ baby at 34 weeks! That's why we'd always assumed he was full term. Appearantly he was just the biggest baby in the history of mankind. (I think I'm allowed some hyperbole here.) MIL thinks that his due date was wrong. I certainly freaking hope so-I don't want a 12 pound baby! Correction: I do want her. I just don't want to have to give birth to her. At least not vaginally. Good grief!

The hugeness of Baby Bug is just one thing I am thinking about now that we are staring down at the induction day. (February 21st is not very far away, you know.) While I am practically jumping out of my skin with the excitement of not being pregnant anymore (especially after last night's gallbladder attack left me with only 3 1/2 hours of sleep to function on) I am starting to get that OMG-SHES-ALMOST-HERE caught with your pants down feeling. You know the one-it keeps you up at night when you should be sleeping during the last month of your pregnancy. That panicky sensation that there is something missing but you can't remember what you're forgetting to save your life.

I keep wandering around my house thinking about all the things we need. It seems like we have them, but every time I am almost reassured that everything is in place I realize I forgot something and it sends me into a cold sweat. If I forgot that what else am I forgetting? Our hospital bags are packed, but I forgot our mini shampoos. They do NOT furnish these at our hospital so that could have been very ugly when we came home from the hospital to greet our son (and my MIL and step FIL) looking like kitty vomit. I also realized that since the Monkey is spending time with grandma and grandpa while Baby Bug is born I should pack him a bag too. I realized this just right this second. See? More things pop up all the time.

I need a Tums. These hormones are killing me.

On the plus side, everything is all set up as far as baby accessories go. Put together, and decorated appropriatly. We share a room (and, with Monkey and now probably Baby Bug) a bed with our kids while we are breastfeeding so that mommy doesn't have to get her happy butt aaaaallllllllllllllllll the way out of bed and aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the way to the baby's room 3 to 6 times a night-but sharing a room with the baby means no excess baby floof so we had to choose our accessories wisely-although she still does have both a bassinet and a crib thanks to Hubby's ingenous spacial skills. The highlight of my extravaganza was picking out her crib set. It is so adorable if I do say so myself. And it was totally affordable-we're on a budget here people! What do you think? [Obviously this is a store picture.]

See...girly but not so girly it makes you want to puke and die (no ruffles or other such nonsense). I think I did well. At least something is prepared!