Monday, February 11, 2008

A Mommy's Perogative

If you don't want to hear read shameless and unabashed mommy bragging, you should come back later. I post fairly regularly, and I promise it's not all crazy raving about my brilliant child.

This time it is though.

I'm sure it's the same way for every mom. You just have those days when you look at your baby and think "Oh. My. Lord. My child is a super genious!" I try not to say it outloud too much in fear that I will create a monster unable to play with other children. He certainly does have a very bloated healthy sense of self esteem...I constantly overhear him saying to himself "Good job! You're so smart!" or "Awww, I'm so cute!" In my/his defense though he is constantly praising others for the things they do, and he is very prompt with his pleases and thank yous. Of course, that only makes me think he is even more wonderful (as if that was possible!).

No matter how much I try to riegn myself in though, sometimes I just go nuts over how amazing my child is. Normally, I talk to Hubby about it and we spend an hour or so patting eachother on the back and basking in the glow of our child prodigy. That's fun, don't get me wrong. Sometimes for an added kick, I give my parents a call. They're crazier than I am about the inherit genious of their only grandchild! However this time I cannot resist the temptation to share with the whole bloggerverse.

Do you know what my not-yet-four year old baby boy can do?

Not only can he count to 20, but he can count to SIX in Spanish. Okay, so 90% of the credit goes to Dora, but I encourage him. He just kind of picked it up one day. He was counting his toys (he loves to count and will count anything that holds still) and all of a sudden he started counting in Spanish! The level of mommy pride at that moment was borderline unhealthy.

Not only that-our son can use a map key to find locations on a map! I am not joking. He knows that pink is for schools and green is for parks and grey is for army bases. He also knows that red lines are freeways and blue lines are rivers. This I totally DID teach him and totally take credit for. I only taught him because he asked me though. He has such a natural sense of curiousity it blows me away sometimes.

Oh and he did the cutest thing before bed tonight. HE told ME a bedtime story! One that he made up all on his own, about how mommy met spiderman and they were best friends forever. It even began with "Once Upon A Time" and ended with "The End"!!

Our son is a creative genious.

Okay, I'm done. It's out of my system. We now return to regularly non-offensive blogs.