Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Baby, Our Valentine?

We went to the doctor today (I know, I have to go like ALL THE TIME now) and he said that we are sooooo close to 4 cm that some doctors would even say I was already 4 cm...but he's on the cautious side. Even more significantly I am 100% effaced and my cervix is totally ready to push this girl out. He said that I was probably 2 or 3 strong contractions in a row away from going into labor. THANK GOD!

Of course because this child is spawned of ME we have to make a back up plan just in case she decides that we're NEVER going into labor. So we set another appointment for Thursday where he'll check me again and if I am conclusively 4cm by then he said he'd break my water and make this whole baby thing happen.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh...sweet relief is only a matter of days away!

Plus, if we have her on Thursday she can be our Valentine. Wish us luck!