Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snug As A Bug

I told you before that I was looking for a baby carrier. I went back and forth over the thousand-and-one contraptions of baby carrying. All of them looked good, but had drawbacks.

Slings-I really like slings. I really do. They're awesome, and easy, and kids love them. I love them...especially the ones without the ring things that dig welts into your neck. My only problem with them is that they don't have the neck support that I think is nessicary for a newborn baby (something around the neck brace level). Once the Baby Bug is older, I'll probably get her one.

Snugglis/Baby Bjorns-A lot of people use them, and like them, and they are good about head support for newborns, but I hate the dangly leg thing. Also, Monkeypants truely hated those things as a baby so I don't want to run the risk of having another screaming infant that I have to cram into a carrier against their will.

Back carriers-Okay, you can't see the baby if they're strapped to your back. 'Nuff said.

Mei Tais-They only work for babies when they are small, and can you say STIFF NECK? Arg. This thing was a chiropractic nightmare for me....and considering that Baby Bug is only a 6lb baby that does not bode well.

All of these options work for some people, and the price range is respectable-you can get a Snuggli from that "W" store for around $20 and you can pay $200 for a "designer" Mei Tai/Sling. However, being the cheap biotch that I am, I really don't want to part with $20 if I can get something that works just as well for $10 or $15.

Good thing I held out-because it turns out that I can get something that works TWICE AS GOOD for waaay less money. Plus I can show off my domesticity. I can make my own baby wrap! For just the cost of fabric ($1/yd on sale!!!). And you can make one too (even if you dont' know how to sew)! You can even find wrapping instructions online-for my favorite price of all (free).

Just look at how snuggly our Baby Bug looks in there! I put her in the newborn hug hold (for security purposes that is basically the same as putting your baby back in the uterus) and she was not only happy she was asleep in less than a minute!

The baby wrap appeases me in many ways-it gives my baby comfort, provides steal-trap security (as far as baby carriers go...of course, nothing is 100%-I am not responsible if you do something stupid like wrap your baby and then decide to jump on a trampoline), and it respects my belief that cheapness is a virtue by being the cheapest thing out there but also still-in my opinion-the best.

I am totally in love with the baby wrap.

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sign me .... Mrs. Bick said...

You forgot to mention that slings and such free up hands to deal with child one, and if you have more, child 2,3,4... while baby stays close and stays put out of possible harm's (insert child's name) way.

We used one, but I wish I had been more adventurous to try other things. Ah age and wisdom, how I wish you had visited me then!