Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Theory of Comparative Sleep

This is my theory on sleep. If you get 8 hours of sleep a night like a normal non-child having person and then life circumstances cause you to have a night where you only get 2 hours you will end up a complete zombie. If however you spend an entire week getting a series of 45 minute cat naps per 5-6 hours of "awake time" and you manage to sneak in a 2 hour nap you'll feel like a whole new person. I call this the Theory of Comparative Sleep.

That is the only explaination I have for why my nap today made me not only awake but has in fact made me positively hyper. Or maybe it's delirium kicking in. It's probably delirium...I can feel myself winding down already.

The Baby Bug is quite possibly the cutest little person I have ever seen...with the obvious exception of Monkeypants...she is so tiny and delicate! She's 9 days old today and we have all had a great time getting to know our girl.

However, in the last two days the plague has made it's way into our house thanks to my husband's ever-thoughtful grandmother who decided to come see our brand new baby and bring her chest cold with her. The first to fall was Monkeypants who, despite being quite the trooper, becomes a crazy monster-beast-thing if he gets so much as the sniffles. So having a certifiable cold with stuffy nose, sore throat, and an actual cough sends the kid overboard. He has spent the last two days throwing one long continuous fit and destroying everything in sight.

Which is always fun, but especially so now that we have a brand new little one.

Next to go down was Hubby. He started feeling crappy last night and when he left for work today you could LITERALLY SEE the glands in his neck swelling it up to the size of a small ham. Poor guy. And once he goes down that leaves me to take care of everyone.

Too bad when I "woke up" this morning (I don't really wake up anymore, just get out of bed after being awake all night) I felt like I had been beaten with a large tree branch.

The good news is that Baby Bug isn't showing any signs of getting sick...and we're keeping it that way as long as possible, with the aid of my newly implemented surgical handwashing requirements before anyone touches the baby. Hopefully she can dodge this nasty bug. There will be another one with her name on it later, but I'd like to avoid my week-old baby getting this crapness.

The bad news is that I am the last line of defense in the house. Once I go down this whole THING goes down. That's why we're all laying around the house in a barely moving zombie state-Baby Bug in her bassinet, Monkeypants slowly tearing apart another one of his toys as he lays in his favorite chair, and me laying in the recliner blogging...all desperately waiting for Daddy to come home and join us in our slouchy illness so that we can all take turns sleeping. Woo-hoo!

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