Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blog Madness

I have become a blog fiend. Oh yes. I'm posting more than ever and reading more than ever and even forgoing hours of all too precious sleep to get online. (Oh yes I did.) It's completely not my fault though. I am powerless over my addiction to the internet, and now I have cable internet as my high speed addiction facilitator. It's electronic smack, baby.

One of the justifications I used for needing a super-fast-cable-connection was that I would get all my stuff done quicker and then I wouldn't be online as much. And then I could like, you know, pay attention to the kids and stuff.

Turns out that's totally not the case.

Don't worry, I'm half kidding. I still watch the kids, I've just become a master of breastfeeding while blogging. [Sorry, TMI I'm sure] I think that's a sign of dependancy. I'm also pretty sure I don't care. As long as no one starves to death or starts juggling knives I think we're good and I'll continue to go about my bloggy business.

Part of that bloggy business includes winning prizes. Wifey has awarded me an advance signed copy of her book! Okay, I totally never win anything. Besides being awesome, I think it's a sign. I'm supposed to spend a lot of time online...it serves the greater purpose. If you consider me winning things a greater purpose.

Another part of my bloggy biz is being tagged for Memes by Erin. I'm honored that she thought of me and wanted to see inside my brain! So I'm pushing back the fog and climbing through the cobwebs to do the "Five Things" meme. Here goes:

Top Fives:

5 things you cannot live without under $10 [YAY! Something cheap after my own heart!]

DIET PEPSI. My body is 25% Diet Pepsi.

Mini-Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmmm deliciousness.

Spiral Notebooks. If I don't have them I have HUGE paper piles of things that I write down because I don't want to forget. Now I just have huge piles of spiral notebooks. And some loose paper piles for those times when I couldn't find a notebook that still had paper left. Okay, I'm a mess.

Marie Callanders Frozen Dinners. Just as good as the restaurant-$2.50 per meal-not cooking dinner PRICELESS.

Also, at the moment, CONDOMS for obvious reasons. It's okay...I can say condoms. I'm married.

5 favourite movies

I can never pick my favorites!! I'll just tell you the last five I watched and liked. Serenity (freaking awesome-I've seen it 100 times but the writing is JUST SO GOOD), V for Vendetta, Waitress (that new Keri Russel movie), Martian Child (I * John Cusak), and Accepted (crazy comedy but still good).

5 Baby names you love(but won’t use)

I'm not using ANY more baby names because we're definately not in the market for any more rugrats. If we were graced with a "surprise" baby though hubby likes Grant for a boy and Portia for a girl and I like the names Jaxon for a boy and Piper for a girl. By the way-none of these our the super top secret names of Monkey and Baby Bug.

5 songs you could listen to over and over:

It changes every day. My favorite artists are slightly more permanant, but everything fluctuates. Right now I'm listening to Ray Charles, a lot of The Cranberries, some Nirvana, throw in a little DrDre (for when I feel like a homie....secretly when the kids aren't around) and Trace Adkins. See why it's hard for me to pin down my favorites?? I listen to pretty much everything!

5 Things that stay in your purse all the time:

I don't put anything but the necessities in there really. Let's see...uh....keys (so I don't loose em), loose change, (cause it falls out), my wallet, uh....candy wrappers? and....uh....lint?

5 obsessions you have right now:

Oh THIS is easy: the pursuit of sleep, blogging, the pursuit of a long hot bath instead of a short cold shower, blogging, and the kids. I'm always obsessed with the kids.

5 places you would really love to go:
To sleep, to the beach, to my parent's house, to sleep, and to Ireland. But only if they move Ireland to a place I can get to without traveling on a boat or plane.

5 people you would love to see do their top 5

Whoever wants to!! I don't want anyone to feel obligated, but I WILL be lurking around looking to see other people's answers if they post them *

Because I'm just that obsessed with blogging at the moment.

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Suzie said...

I'm with you on the internet obssesion. Im a bloging maniac these days.I loved Serentiy too. Awesome film