Monday, March 17, 2008

Mommy: Open 8 Days A Week, 36 Hours A Day

My kids are running me 24/7. There are a lot of good things happening and sometimes I just love this whole mommy business. Baby bug is doing amazing-she was a month old Saturday and she already is lifting her head up for a couple seconds and can almost almost roll over (her arm kinda gets in the way but she can get from her back to her side all by herself) and she is such a fiesty little wiggle worm! She can even scoot and wiggle herself around her crib on her back!


Monkey is doing great too. He is very excited about our Wi-Fi high speed internet that is coming tommarow. Not as excited as mommy is, but pretty close. Not because he likes the internet (truth be told, Captain Destructo isn't even allowed on the computer at this time). No, he's excited because "It's Com-tas-kick". Like the commercial? Oh yes. He followed me around all day telling me "Mommy! Our hemputer [computer] is Comtaskick tomarrow! It's FIVE TIMES FASTER. It's Comcaskick!!!!"

Maybe he watches too much tv.

The kids are so cute. They also have the energy of wind up toys on crack. Seriously, if I had half their energy I'd need a downer just to get to sleep at night. As it is I get no sleep because of"enthusiasm for life". If only there were more days in a week and more hours in a day.

Sometimes the kids' energy and my lack of sleep have unintended horrible consequences. Like today whe I might have kind of sorta decapitated my husband. Verbally of course. I just kind of opened my mouth and a bunch of word vomit came out about how he never watches the kids and I ALWAYS watch the kids and he doesn't really appreciate me so I'm just going to run away from home. Oh-I-did-so tell my husband I was going to run away from home. I was only kind of kidding. When I went to the store to get a soda I walked instead of driving so I could blow off steam and I felt like a little kid putting their teddy in the suitcase and walking to the end of the block...just so their parents know they're serious. Not that my husband thought for a second that I was really running away from home. Our coversation went something like this:

Me: Why can't you watch the kids so that I can get some stuff done?

Hubby: Well, I'm about to get ready for work and I really can't be late. [Damn his logic!]

Me: Fine. You do that. Go ahead and "get ready for work". Funny you always have to "do something" when I want a break. I'm with the kids every-waking-moment of every-waking-day and if I have to look at their grubby little faces for one more second I'm going to rip all my hair out and run naked down the street!!

Hubby: Mmmmmmm

Me: What?!

Hubby: You. Naked. Mmmmmm.

Me: Focus!! I am mad because you don't spend enough time with your children!! And you don't appreciate that I am making up for that by becoming their slave. [I get a little melodramatic sometimes]

Hubby: [He's trying to rub my back in "that way" ignores my complaints altogether]

Me: Whatever. I'm running away from home.

Hubby: Okay, go live with your best friend. Oh wait...that's me. So go live with your love-ah. Oh wait that's me too. Well, wherever you end up going I hope you have a good time. Get some rest-you sure are cranky when you don't sleep.

Me: Arrghbrrrpphh. I'm going to the store to get soda.

Hubby: Ooooh, I want a Mountain Dew. Thanks honey. I love you.

Me: [mumble mumble #possible explative# mumble mumble] I love you too...[sigh]

But wait-I know he sounds completely clueless and like he quite possibly IS insensitive...but wait! This is why I love him...

When I got back from the store he was writing a schedule. To see when he would have time to watch the kids so I could get some extra sleep/me time! Even after all the complaining I did, and after trying to pick a fight [okay, I'll admit it-I totally was] my husband can look past my miss pissy pants attitude to realize that it stems from my needs. And then, despite me and all my actions, he goes ahead and does his best to take care of me and make me happy.

My husband is the greatest man ever*


Suzie said...

Awww that is so nice of him. I have had that same fight too after all we are all very very tired. I am so impressed he wrote a schedule. He's a keeper.

TCC said...

I'm so glad that I've stumbled upon your blog. I found you via Erin at Fully Alive...Ready to Smile.

This post reminded me of when my older son was 4 and as we were walking through the store he would recognize and point out products that I really should buy because they were the best at such and such. He was like a walking commercial which shocked me because we didn't watch much TV.

I also think your husband is a sweetheart. I was giggling as I was reading your conversation - the reality was that could have been the same conversation that Simms and I had almost four years ago when my youngest was an infant. I don't know if I ever played the "I'm running away..." card but the essense and his response was the same.

Wifey said...

Almost everytime I leave my husband with the kids I tell him, I'll be back... one day. Smiles! Sounds like your husband is a nice guy with a fun sense of humor.

Oh, I almost forgot, you won my new book from my Ultimate Blog Party post. Send me an email to letting me know where to send it. I'll have copies back from the printer in a couple of weeks - smiles!