Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good News!

I did not fall off the planet, nor did my fingers fall off after my obsessive quest to be the fastest fingers in the west .

I was actually busy with real-life happenings yesterday. I know-how boring. Usually. But yesterday was totally awesome!! My parents came into town*

I ** my parents! They are so awesome and fun, and it is SO CUTE to see them with Monkey and Baby Bug. My dad was...hesitant...about his grandfather status when we had our first son. Understandably so-my dad was significantly younger than most other people called "grandpa". I mean, he wasn't anywhere near collecting social security or becoming a member of AARP. I knew people his age who were still having babies of their own! He really struggled with the image he had in his head of what grandpas are and what grandpas do. He seemed to think that once one becomes a grandparent they must immediately return their Harley, trade in the leather vest and earring for a cardigan and glasses. He did not feel that he was ready to go to bed while the sun was still up, or wake up at 4am for his morning coffee rituals.

And most of all he didn't want someone calling him grandpa. THAT MAKES HIM SOUND OLD!

My step mom had no problems being grandma, but then again she also knew what my dad eventually came to realize himself-being a grandparent doesn't mean you have to start darning socks and talking about "the good old days". A grandparent is just a person whose child has had a child of their own. AND THAT TOTALLY ROCKS. I mean, there's the revenge aspect (I hope you have a child JUST. LIKE. YOU.) but there's also something really cool about having all the fun of kids without any of the responsibility (so I hear).

But now that we had our second, and my dad has already settled comfortably into the world of grandpa (since he got to keep the hog, the vests, and the earring) it is so cute! Watching my dad-MY DAD who I remember in my head as a 26 year old guy-holding my baby girl and making those cooing noises at her. It's so wonderful to see how proud my dad is of me, and Hubby, and our kids and how much he now LOVES being grandpa.

It's also great to see my step mom walk through the door and immediately swoop up our girl and begin telling her that she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. (Well, she is!) And then watch her crawl on the ground (the priveledge of the young grandma) with Monkey and play cars exclaiming over and over again how SMART he is. (What? He totally is!)

There is something amazing and wonderful about watching your parents with your children. Just as, I'm sure, there's a something extra special about watching your children with their own children.

Nothing's better than family!



Erin said...

I agree! And the next best thing to watching your parents enjoy the grandchildren, is LEAVING the kids with them...overnight!! I tried to bribe my mom into keeping the girls yesterday after our dinner, but to no avail. But she promised she would soon : ) Hope you are having a happy Easter.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

We don't get a chance to do that, since our parents live about 8 hours away. But someday we plan on moving down and when we do my parents have already said that they plan on kidnapping the kids all the time.

To which we said "they're all yours!!" Ha ha ha.

Suzie said...

Yeah I spent the weekend with my parents and I love seeing them enjoy my kids.Of course they are ARP members and I might as well be but it is still fun,