Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mommy Runs Away

Okay, I didn't really run away. I'm still in my house and stuff. I'm even within ear shot to hear my kids screaming and the gnashing of my husband's teeth. And I almost almost feel bad. But-need I remind myself-I stay home with both kids all by myself for 10 hours a day 5 days a week and I'm not dead or insane or anything. Well, not completely.

No, I cannot allow myself to feel guilty-because today is the day that mommy runs away. Do you have any idea what I'm doing right now? I am in my bedroom and ON THE INTERNET! At the same time! Do you know how such a feat is accomplished? With my new spiffy laptop. Tis the season of tax returns, folks, and that means I get my very own blogalicious laptop to use in my very own bedroom. It's enough to make me feel like a real life grown up.

This mini-vacation is also brought to you by Carnation Good Start Formula. [Woo Hoo] Baby Bug got to the point in the last couple of days where she was LITERALLY nursing every 30 minutes AROUND THE CLOCK because she'd only nurse for 5 minutes no matter how I tried. Since she wasn't nursing enough to get hind milk, she was still only 6lbs 10oz at her last check up. Which isn't bad, considering she dropped to 5lbs 12oz after she was born, but it's not great either. So we have decided to supplement her diet with formula (mixed with breastmilk instead of water) to get her to gain a little weight and give mommy a break from nursing more than a dairy cow.

Which means right now my husband is entertaining and wrangling the children all by himself while I lay in bed, get some leisurely blogging in, and then SLEEP UNTIL I WAKE UP ON MY OWN...which I haven't done since before I was pregnant with Baby Bug. Oh sweet sleep! I have missed you!

Too bad I'm so excited I can't sleep.


Erin said...

oh, I can so relate. Both my girls nursed like crazy. I didn't sleep for like 8 months with both of them and all that sleep deprivation would probably explain some of the current insanity at work in my brain : ) Hope you are enjoying your new laptop.

imPerfect Mother said...

ooo, ask your husband if he wants to come watch my kids next while I sleep!! Lucky you!! My hubby can't stay awake long enough to make it to the bed, let alone to watch the kids (4 and 7 months, not far from yours) while I sleep :( day!!

Great blog, glad to have run into it!!

Have a great sleep :)


jamie said...

OHHHH! I feel for you with a toddler and a newborn! Crazy! Congrats on the potty training and the laptop. I want a laptop sooo bad!