Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Linky Love

This past week of not posting I have been reduced also to lurking on my regular blog-reads. I mean to comment, I really do, but I just get side tracked. ARG. I don't want anyone to feel unloved, or that I am not thinking about their posts, so I've decided to create one big linky blog to say not only have I been paying attention but I love you all! (In a platonic, blogger-to-blogger way of course.)

My lovely friend Angela at Becoming Me is always very stirring and inspirational and is the deserving recipient of many awards recently. She continues to be in my thoughts and prayers as her grandfather goes through his health struggles.

Erin at Fully Alive and Ready To Smile has received a lovely package from Italy, full of nothing less than pure Italian air. Her writing, as always, makes me smile.

Sensai blog master Helen has disappeared, most likely due to her terrible wrist injury while kicking major butt. Still, her blog is the type that you can go through the archives and read everything and not come across a bad post. Love love love her (blog).

DeeDee's daughter graduated Kindergarten, and she mused on her page about how quickly babies grow up. Her blog is so relatable, and she is hilarious even while being sentimental, and I feel like she's going through what a lot of us mommies seem to be going through lately-feeling our babies growing up faster than we care to think of.

Allison at That's What She Blogged wrote a cute and funny blog about the delicate politics behind stealing office supplies, and right before it wrote a touching post about her 'little sister' that she mentored when she was younger. She also wrote about her favorite books as a kid....I feel like I finally found someone who loved to read as much as I did as a kid! Except I'm sure she was significantly less nerdy than me.

As I read Suzy's blog at Up the Hill Backwards I can almost see her children. Because they seem so much like my beloved brat-lings. The combination of overwhelming love, a desperate amount of sleep deprivation, and utter chaos rings true with me and comes out funny as heck on her page. I'm laughing with her, but not at her!

Genny at My Cup 2 Yours, a recent addition to my must-read blog list (who will, soon, be on my blogroll as well) recently wrote about those gut feelings you get to reach out to others in need. I too have those feelings sometimes, and the story she told about her experience was very sweet and inspirational. It is great to know that there are people out there like her.

Lastly, but not leastly (Oh yes, I am making up words. Deal.) Wifey asks us what we think is sexiest about our (respective) husbands and how we tell them we think they're studly. She is always posing great relationship questions and cute, relevant relationship advice/stories. I will definitely be posting on this question later. I promise to keep it PG. (Okay, PG-13)

I love reading all of my blogs, even if I am reduced to lurking in my busier times, because I feel like I have my own little blog-world community. The people that I have come to know through their blogs inspire me, make me laugh, encourage me, and entertain me. That is no small feat.

I can't wait until I can actually re-de-lurk myself on everyone's pages!


Suzie said...

Thanks for the mention. Im glad you're enjoying the blog and my crazy kids.

Becoming Me said...

Thank you for including me in this list and among such good company too.

Genny said...

Thanks so much for the sweet words! Just an fyi, URL changed to Would it be too much trouble to update it on your blog and in your link? Thanks again! By the way, I always love the music on your blog!

Erin said...

I've been mostly lurking lately, too. Don't know why...just been in a weird head space lately.

Thanks for the link. Appreciate it muchly : )

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

No problem about linking-I'm happy to do it...especially when I don't have time to comment!

P.S. Genny your link is changed =)

Genny said...

Thanks for stopping by! Don't give up on your dream of writing a book! Yes, it's hard. Really hard sometimes. But it will be worth it.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Thanks for the encouragement Genny. I don't plan to give up, and I don't know that my book will really end up anywhere, but I keep going because I really think I need to write this.

Wifey said...

Thanks for the love! I lurk a lot, too! Hope you're feeling well... smiles!

Anonymous said...

I'm here! Just SOOO behind on blog reading. And yes, my wrist is still injured. :)