Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Cost of Kisses in the Current Market

According to my son prices have gone up. That's right-kisses are no longer free, even to mommies.

Monkeypants has been obsessed with money lately. Not in the corrupt way, more in the way that little kids like to count money. We've been taking advantage of that in our unschooling and using pennies to practice counting and to learn basic addition (If you have one penny and I give you two pennies how many pennies do you have?) but that seems to have only fueled the fire in his Quest for Money.

While tucking my son in for bed the other night I leaned down and said "Kisses" like I always do....but then I was surprised.

Our son reached his hand out and put it over my mouth and said "$3.99"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Kisses are $3.99"

"But I'm your mommy! Mommy should get FREE kisses."

"No. Kisses are $3.99"

"I don't know, that's an awful lot of money."

"Yep. Kisses for $3.99 Mommy."

At that point I had no choice-I tickled him into submission and got my free kiss, as is a Mommy's right to do of course.

Can I just say that our son is the cutest EVER?


Wifey said...

Too cute! His kisses cost what I just paid for a gallon of gas! Yikes!

Suzie said...

$3.95 a bargan really

Becoming Me said...