Saturday, March 28, 2009

Closing Time

Every party ends eventually. No sniffles, now. This doesn't mean we have to say goodbye-you're welcome back anytime! And don't forget, as an extra bonus, a blog party has no clean up.

That's enough to put a smile on anybody's face.

I have met a lot of great people, seen some really neat blogs, and had a really awesome time this past week. I couldn't possibly post about everyone I've encountered (check out the comments on my main party page if you want to meet some great people) but I would really like to recommend a couple of blogs that I will be putting in my blogroll!

Mommy Mo (from Growing Up Mo) and I instantly bonded over a common love of consuming junk food while watching The Biggest Loser. Her writing is so fun and easy to relate to....reading her blog is a must!

I also met Jenny (from Our Nifty Notebook), another homeschooling mom on the interwebz (though her blog is definitely more informational on the subject of homeschooling than mine is). Jenny is super sweet and her blog is full of great ideas and cute posts-check it out, why don'cha?

Kirsty (from Momedy) always has something interesting to say~and the way she says it never fails to crack me up! I am stalking "following" her now and I totally recommend that you do the same.

I also had the good fortune to run into Jessie (from Muthering Heights). She is so sweet, and her posts are so chalk-full of cuteness! She writes intelligently and thoughtfully and has a great blend of sincere honesty and fun. Go to her site for some classy good times.

MamaBub (from Mama Bub) and Kathi (from My Story. My family. My Life.) also stopped by my party this week, and I'm so glad they did! Both of them write with such refreshing honesty, I have loved stopping by their blogs and will definitely continue to do so. (You'll do the same, right?)

As with all good parties, I have had some spicier guests to zest things up this week and I've enjoyed having all of them. Kathleen (from Mama Needs A Cosmo) might not always be "family friendly" but she's won a place in my heart (and blogroll) with her fun irreverant attitude. Amanda (from Nanny Deprived) doesn't write about her kids...just the insane aftermath of them...and it's been so great to find a blog that writes candidly [hilariously isn't a word, is it?] about motherhood.

Check out my blogroll or my main party post page and do some clicking-all of these bloggers deserve many clicks! And to everyone who did come to my party, thank you. I've really enjoyed having you and I hope you hang around for awhile.

Wanna celebrate UBP 2010 with me?

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Kat said...

Hey Mama! I'm happy to wake up to a comment from you this morning! You know, somedays I like being "45" as you called it, and other days I just feel like theirs more out there.

But yeah, even though I didn't get in on the party action until Wednesday I think, it was very hectic, and I didn't get much of a chance to really check out anyone's blogs! But, I'm going to do just that now that the festivities are over. *heading over to some of your favs*

Talk to ya soon!


Kat said...

BTW - Yes, I'm pretty sure 'hilariously' is a word, but I don't really know how to spell it. *haha*


Kat said...

Hello again mama! I wanted to let you know that your links are a little wonky in your post! You might wanna check into those! I'll be back later!!


Person(also known as Mommy) said...

Thanks so much! Notice how my posting time was 245am? LOL. They should all be fixed now :)