Monday, April 6, 2009

I Have Mental Problems

It's been a couple of days since I've posted. The good news is that I don't have writer's block. The bad news is I have the opposite problem....there is so much going on in my brain that my thoughts are running around crashing into each other like bumper cars....but there is only so much room, so then my thoughts battle like Gladiators (yes, bumper car Gladiators) over which gets to actually become something and which gets eaten by tigers.

A thought that made it through the jumble-redesigning my friend Angela's blog, Becoming Me. She's stuck with me the whole time I've been blog designing, has stayed loyal despite my larger than average learning curve, and has been so sweet about promoting my little business that I am always happy to give her a blog lift!

And of course redoing Angela's blog made me want to give my own a massive overhauling little touch up. I know I know I know I just redid it. I know that I should be in a 12 step program. But...but....but........

Okay there's no good excuse. I just want to! I'm going to try a new approach to redesigning (though I suppose it's the same cookie different frosting when it comes to feeding my addition to blog re-designs). I made several different headers that I could use to jump start my new look, and I was going to pick just one but now I have a problem......I love three of them! And blog designs are like husbands-you can only have one. Well, at a time. (I promise I'm more loyal to Hubby than I am to my HTML code.) Of course I am the poster child for indecision at the moment, so let me get your opinions....which one do you like best?

I like this one because it's cartoon, but it looks neat. It reminds me of the intro to "Bewitched", which I think is cute and retro-y. On the down side, because it's cartoon I don't know if it fits the feel of my blog.

I really like this one because it is so neat. I can see this becoming a more professional looking idea which I like. On the down side, I don't know if it's fun or catchy enough.

This one I think is super cool-it's cartoon, but more serious. Funky, but still nice looking. The downside to this one is that I'm going to have to redesign it when The Bean is born (to add her and make myself not pregnant anymore)...and that might lead me into the temptation of another redesign. Which I don't need any help getting into.

Oi vey. What do you think blog friends?

Also bumping around my brain (related to bloggy land) are post ideas. I have a bout a bajillion of them, which actually makes it difficult for me to write. I keep meaning to write one thing....and then the post starts weaving through traffic....then it swerves sharply to the left and drives off a cliff.

So yeah, they need work. Here are some posts that are upcoming (as soon as I can tow them out of the brain revine):

--Eating and the biggest loser. Why watching other people lose weight makes us hungry. [Update: It's been posted here!]
--A day in the life of an unschooling family.
--A post for Becoming Me's Because of the Cross carnival. This one is on an April 13th deadline, but is being very difficult about getting onto paper (so to speak) so I don't know what will happen to it. [Update: It's been posted here!]
--Baby Showers and other etiquette situations.
--"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant", the craziest show (and thought) ever. [Update:It's been posted here.]
-My hipster friend.

See? The bumper cars are gridlocked...and this doesn't even begin to address baby thoughts! This is a massive, massive case of baby brain. At the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky if I survive this pregnancy with enough brain cells left to form a coherent sentence.


Kirsty said...

A truly tough decision..hmmm...I really like them all. You can't go wrong! Maybe the retro cartoon?

The silhouette one is the most "different" and suits your incognito thing you've got going on ;)

You're impressive, do people hire you to do this regularly...???

L Harris said...

I totally feel you, dear lady! i feel all gridlocked!

Mrs. M said...

Kirsty-Thank you very much. Actually, people don't hire me very often. I wish they would! Still, for now I'm a small business...and most of my business has been done for free or in trade. [And I'm leaning toward the retro cartoon least this hour!]

L Harris-I think it happens to the best of us at some point. To many thoughts in there bouncing off each other. I hope you get some traffic control soon =)

Wifey said...

I love Angela's new look; and the designs for your blog, too! You can't go wrong with either of them.

Winks & Smiles,

Angela said...

You are so funny and sweet. I love my new design and your new design. I love the header you have on now best and the second one my second fave.

I'm working on getting people to hire you more often. You're good. :-)

Oh I drew a winner for the button

Mrs. M said...

Aww, thanks Angela (for the compliment and the business support). I'll pop by your site and send the winner an email!

Jen said...

I really like the design you chose! I noticed it first thing when I opened up your site this morning!

As far as having lots to write about, I get that way, often! Some days I actually bang out about 3 or 4 posts and just save them and post them as the days come. Some days I re-read what I wrote and think to myself, who would really care? And they stay in my list of posts and never get published. But I still keep them because, HELLO, I wrote them! :)

I'm a little scattered this morning..really just wanted to say..LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!

Mrs. M said...

Thank you, Jen. I wish I had "too many ideas" on a regular basis-then I might actually do something productive! For now it just gets in my way ;)