Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woo-Hoo! Thank You and Goodnight.

This is it, folks-my 100th post. It's a little belated....I mean, a lot of bloggers knock out this milestone in three months or less and I started aaaaall the way back in January of 08....but I finally made it!

In my eyes I've better than just made it-I am really enjoying the whole blogging experience now! I'm posting with something resembling consistency. I have followers-beautiful, beautiful followers all 10 of you. I also have a beautiful design that I might actually stick to this promises though.

Going back through my archives I can watch my writing style and quality get better. Even Hubby has determined my blog to be entertaining enough to read on a regular basis...and I think that really says something since he experiences this stuff first hand and then likes my writing enough to read about it later.

Or maybe he's just afraid that if he said he didn't like it the pregnancy hormone beast would eat him. Whatever-I'll take what I can get.

So what can I do to celebrate this, my 100th post? I thought about doing the "100 Things About Me" post, but quickly realized that there are not 100 fascinating things about I've opted instead for TEN Top Ten lists! That's right, you get 100 things, and they're kind of about me....but you know, more interesting. [Sidenote: Ranking my favorites seems disloyal to me (I'm weird, I know) so please consider everyone on each list "tied for first"!]

The Ten Best Bands/Artists of All Time
-The Dixie Chicks
-The Cranberries
-Lauryn Hill
-Ray Charles
-Johnny Cash
-The Presidents of the United States of America
-Alanis Morissette
-Bonnie Raitt
-Garth Brooks

The Ten Books I Could Read Over and Over Again
-Wuthering Heights
-The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (though I guess that's technically more than one book)
-Dumbing Us Down
-Where The Red Fern Grows
-The Forsythe Saga
-America (The Book)
-The Poisonwood Bible
-Gone With The Wind
-Anne of Green Gables (the whole series, of course)

The Top Ten Websites I Love
-Bible Gateway
-Baby Center

My Top Ten Favorite Pasttimes
-Talking politics
-Debating and discussing with Hubby
-Talking on the phone
-Quiet time (with my eyes closed)

My Top Ten Go-To Excuses
-The baby is crying
-I can't, that's during nap time
-Let me ask Hubby [He said no]
-I only got like two hours of sleep last night (sadly, this is nearly always true)
-I promised Monkey we'd go get a Happy Meal (most effective when said directly in front of him so that he starts yelling "HAPPY MEAL MOMMY I LOVE HAPPY MEAL I LOVE YOU LETS GO!!!!"]
-Pregnancy exhaustion
-Baby brain
-Back pain
-Doctor's appointments
-I got lost on the way

The Ten Youth Subcultures I Find Most Interesting
-Emo Kids
-Swing Kids

The Ten BEST Things About Being A Mommy
-Hearing your baby say I love you
-Getting snuggles
-Reading bedtime stories
-Watching them learn something new
-Getting a compliment from your kid(s) (You're the best mommy EVER!)
-Kids say HILARIOUS things-just ask Bill Cosby
-Watching your babies do the right thing (be kind, share, etc)
-Finding out who your child is and all about their individual personality
-Seeing yourself and your spouse in a new generation of people
-Making a lot of fun family memories

The Ten WORST Things About Being A Mommy
-Sleep (counts as three things)
-There are no vacations-not even unpaid ones
-There are no sick matter how sick you are
-The pay, while fabulous in an intangible way, cannot buy your groceries
-Sharing your body for 10 months mostly sucks
-The word Mom is extremely expressive and will be expressed in many negative ways-with attitude (M-oo-om!), in a scream ("MOOOOOOOM!"), in anger (Mom! Mommy!) see where this is going
-"Someone" is going to have to clean all this up/cook dinner/sew this button...Mommy is always "Someone"
-You will, more likely than not, at any given time, be wearing a bodily fluid (spit up, poo, pee, snot....)

Ten Reasons Why I Blog
-To record my memories about life in general, Hubby, the kids, etc.
-To vent
-To write (which I think is fun)
-To share experiences with other people
-To get feedback from others
-To make bloggy-friends
-To get my brain clutter onto paper (so to speak) and maybe clear my head a little
-Because it's fun
-Because I enjoy long term projects
-Because I really needed a personal hobby!

And (because you were so patient) Ten Things That Actually ARE About Me

-I am a Christian and a Libertarian...yes, you can be both.
-I am germaphobic about doorknobs (seriously, when's the last time you cleaned yours?) and fast food restaurant ice cubes.
-I am also afraid of birds.
-I am borderline compulsive about remembering the birthdays and anniversaries of every single person I know.
-I cannot remember what I ate for lunch today.
-I am a house wife but I hate cleaning the house.
-I have never been on vacation...unless you count crossing several states by car to go to my great great grandmother's funeral. When I was 9.
-Hubby and I met while doing karaoke.
-I have so many family members in my extended family that I don't know all of their names.
-I am 23 years old (Yep, I was 16 when Hubby and I started dating, 17 when we got pregnant with Monkey, 18 when he was born, 21 when we got married, 22 when Baby Bug was born, and I am currently 23, happily married, and expecting our third baby)

So there you have it-100 things, more or less about me, for my 100th post. After that, all there is to say is a big huge THANK YOU! to everyone who visits my blog and keeps coming back. I love our little bloggersations, sharing stories and feedback with each other, and making bloggy friends.

Here's to 100 more posts (if I haven't killed my blog by mentioning my real age...)!


Kirsty said...

Congratulations on 100! I loved your celebratory post. You have given me a reading list :) and some music to try and I loved learning more about you.
I am completely shocked by your age only because you seem so worldly and wise and to have it so together! That's great man, more power to ya and like you say-you will be living it up in your 40's unfettered by kids :D

Oh, and you need a vacation.

Congrats again,that was an awesome 100th post (can you believe I have not marked any of my hundreds..I just skip over them without realizing it...:/ )

Mrs. M said...

I'm glad you liked my post...and I'm REALLY glad that my age didn't scare you away. I'm still worried that someone will see that I'm 23 and decide to write me off as a kid who doesn't know anything about anything or (worse!) get all condescending and try to talk down to me.

I've actually had a long time to get things together-I've lived on my own as an independent minor since I was 16 (since about 8 months before I met Hubby)and grew up a lot faster than most people-but there are those who will never be able to get past how young I am on paper.

I do agree with you on the other thing-I would LOVE a vacation!!

How many hundreds of posts have you had? Maybe you can do something for your 500th/1000th? I know I'd be interested in learning more about you!

Muthering Heights said...

What a fun 100th post! It' a very creative idea! :)

Wifey said...

Congrats on 100! Looking forward to 100 more.

Winks & Smiles,

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hey thanks for coming to see me from SITS :) Cute little place you have here.

Mrs. M said...

Thanks ladies!!