Thursday, June 4, 2009

Afternoons in the House of M

Normally, our afternoons are insane. Pure madhouse action, really. If I dare to pee for any longer than 60 seconds Monkey will put hand soap in his hair and color on the underside of the table (where Mommy will NEVER find it!), Baby Bug will fall, bash her head on something, and then discover a plastic morsel to shove into her mouth (which of course she does), and The Bean will-no matter how much or little she has slept-wake up with a DIRE NEED. You can tell it's a DIRE NEED by the way she is screaming.

Aaah, such is life with three little ones. Needless to say I look forward to Hubby's days off, where he can stay and we can spread the insanity around a little. Today was supposed to be one of those days, but he got called in. There was no small amount of disappointment on my side (okay, I completely pouted) but we need the money so I put on my big girl underoos and prepared myself for a day of chaos.

Sometimes your children pleasantly surprise you. Do you know what we have been doing this afternoon?


I mean, the kids have. Yes, Baby Bug and The Bean do have regular nap times, but I hardly expect them to actually sleep at those times! [Everyone knows "nap" is code for "please stay in your room and cause as much destruction as humanly possible within your allotted time".]

But that's just what the girls have been doing this afternoon-for three whole hours. I am a horrible mother, as I have no intention of waking them up. Not for nursing, not for lunch, not for nothin'. Schedule be darned-let those cute little babies sleep and let Mommy get some peace.

Monkey has been especially good today as well. His main focus today has been on making signs. All sorts of signs-traffic signs, warning signs, and check lists. Here's the best one:
Allow me to interpret. UAS means "US" (use) "A" (a). When he feels he does not have enough room to write he gets creative about placement. The box below (representative of the empty Costco box of diapers) is clearly meant to be used as a car (see, it's carefully labeled). The giant box to the left with the check mark on it? Well, that clearly signifies that I-unbeknownst to me-have approved this venture. He came up to me and said, "See, Mommy? This sign says it's okay." No further explaination needed.


Don't get me wrong, he still put hand soap in his hair today (I will never figure out his facination with that) but overall the children have been sweet, easy, and unconscious most of the day.

Thank God for small miracles.


Kirsty said...

Sooooo precious, those little sleeping faces...awwww..want more baby photos! And LOL at the little people have all done the exact same thing! It must be a rite of passage. HA! Rite Get it?...erhem.. So glad you got a break. That is a very critical need for a sleep deprived mommy of 3 needy small people.

Kris said...

I know all about those busy days lay down at night and your legs and feet say "Thank you." lol...

Dejoni said...

3 hour nap??? I am insanely jealous as my kids have never slept three hours period.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh it is written in the parent handbook that you ALWAYS let sleeping children lie. YOU are a wise woman. SO glad they cooperated on a day you needed it!! LOVE the picture of your little one curled up against the foot of the bed. That gave me an outloud "AW!!" :)

Jenny said...

LOL about your son and the signs. My nephew is always making up signs and diagrams of everything!

I never wake a sleeping baby!

Mrs. M said...

Kirsty-Ha ha ha ha. You and I have the same sense of humor. And we both need breaks! Yep, we have a lot in common.

Kris-My back is particularly grateful!

Dejoni-Oh, I'm jealous of myself. Usually there is at least one of them awake. Heck, Baby Bug didn't sleep through the night until a few weeks ago and she's 15 months old!

Robynn's Ravings-Thank you! I try to be smart about these kind of things. And we think the kids are cute too...especially when they're sleeping!

Jenny-Maybe it's a boy thing? Monkey just loves to make signs and notes and labels. The trick is to get him to do it ON PAPER. LoL.

Kimberley said...

Your children are so so so cute!!
And Yay for sleeping children - they are the best type!

It really stinks when hubbys have to work unexpectedly doesn't it,? I know how it feels to sometimes be desperate for any adult contact ;o)

valentine said...

i am glad that your kids had some down time, especially with your hubs gone and you needing some quiet.

the UAS is so funny!