Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Alright, it's time for me to own up to it-I have been stalking lately. It's okay it's just a contest, and it's just a little stalking, but it's a BIG HUGE contest-and I want to win!


Not bad enough, however, to nominate myself because I actually do take this contest seriously and I only want to win it if I deserve it. I just reallreallyreally hope I deserve it!

Noah's Mommy from Project Mommyhood marks her one year blogoversary in September of this year (YAY!) and as a super generous move has decided to create The Project Mommyhood Mommy Blog of the Year award. This contest was created to "honor 1 VERY amazing woman...who has inspired others through her writing". First there are open nominations, then Noah's Mommy and her panel will pick 10 finalists so all of the readers can decide who is the most amazing, inspirational lady of the year.

I don't know about "amazing", but I hope I'm inspirational. It would be an honor to take home The Title. It would also be a delight to delve into that magical swag bag the winner will receive! Gifts for mom, gifts for babies...there are over 21 companies participating, and all of the items look FABULOUS!

As always, it would be an honor just to be nominated...if you'd like to nominate me, of course. See, I might be too reserved to nominate myself but I am NOT too reserved to beg that any follower that might harbor secret (but honest) feelings that I am amazing and/or inspirational take a moment of their time to nominate me HERE at Project Mommyhood.

I will send you air kisses. Or stop sending you air kisses, if you prefer.

In all seriousness though, the nomination portion will be closing July 31st so jump on over and nominate your favorite Mommy Blogger-whoever you feel really deserves it. Even if it's not me (really, that's okay)-this award has the power to really encourage the awesome Mommy that inspires you!

One more time, a big thanks to Noah's Mommy for creating such a great award/giveaway!

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