Sunday, July 19, 2009

Infestation in the House of M

This is the first time that I have lived in a "rural" town, so I'm going to ask you for help-can someone with experience please tell me


Our house is clean-okay maybe not clean, but it's not a Hazmat situation or anything-and I don't understand why we are being besieged by creepy crawlies. First it was giant ants. These organized little beasties came marching one by one, set up camp, and soon there were a thousand of them-or at least enough to be considered a small colony in my book. Of course we did what any human being would do-we killed them en masse, set up a Raid perimeter around the house, and were ant free.

But then came the flies. They were unlike any flies I had ever seen. These things were the size of bumblebees and had greenish-reddish metallic looking backs. Someone I described them to said they sound like horse flies? Whatever the heck they were, they were way too sturdy for fly swatters. We actually had to put up fly paper. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Still it was worth the gross factor because after about a week the flies were gone (thank God, I've heard flies like that can actually BITE! Yikes!).

I thought we were safe...until the last couple of days. We are now in the throws of our worst infestation yet-spiders. I'm not talking about Daddy Long Legs here people-I'm talking MUTANT SPIDERS. I have never seen anything like these creatures. One was black and white striped, I kid you not! (Is there such a thing as a zebra spider?) And what the heck kind of spider is the size of a nickel and has fangs so big you can actually SEE them? (The dead kind, that's what.) I've seen red ones, and brown ones, and ones that jump....every time I turn around there's another one hanging on the ceiling just waiting to drop on one of my babies!
(Photo from WiredNewYork)
I am completely skeeved out. Just the thought of these crazy things make me itch all over. I know how to kill a spider, but how do you stop them from getting in your house altogether? I mean, these things practically have opposable do you fight that?

My solution would be to bug bomb our entire town; the whole state if I had to. Hubby on the other hand seems to think I'm being impractical, especially when I start talking about becoming a vigilante insect killer, but I've had enough! We either bug bomb this whole county or I'm going to Seal-A-Meal our house.

Unless some of you have alternate solutions? Help a mommy out.


Scrappy Girl said...

Terro is the only thing I use for is the best...hands down.

For flys...some summers I have put up those flycatchers (temporarily because they are gross) that are long sticky papers. Flys are just a reality on the farm...and the kids run in and out of the house constantly! I mostly go on rampages with my fly swat!

Spiders...ok those are scary...I hate your descriptions...Cutie Patootie wanted to bring home a tarantula from the pet store yesterday...I say CALL A PROFESSIONAL! I hate spiders.

Jenny said...

Oh I hate bugs! I pay $500 a year to have professional bug people come out. They spray 6 feet out and 6 feet up the house every 3 months. They also spray the floor boards and along window seals. Every other year they dust my attic.

I know I'm insane about bugs, but we back to woods and our house would be infested if I didn't do this. Plus, I like the feeling of being able to call them and tell them I found something and they'll come out within a few days and spray again!

Seriously, I just want them to dump the stuff over my house from one of those helicopter buckets, but apparently they don't do that?

Good luck!

My Sweet Side said...

For the flys and other flying insects try this in the kitchen. Drop a small drop of peppermint oil from the health store onto a small piece of kitchen sponge, place into a dish and let sit. All those pesky flying bugs will not stay around , they HATE the smell of it or something. HTH's. Droppin by from sits.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...


I would be moving out. But that's just me.

MrsM said...

Scrappy Girl-No way I'd let my kids have bugs as pets either! I don't like it when they sneak in, I'd never volunteer to host one!

Jenny-I may have to talk to our landlord about that! Especially if we can find someone with that helicopter option!

My Sweet Side-Hmmmm, I may have to try that! Thanks for the advice =)

Muthering Heights-Ha ha ha...this place is actually fantastically nice-it's not the landlord's fault that we live in the boonies, I blame Hubby's work for all these bugs!