Saturday, August 22, 2009

News Baubles

Do I realize this would have been better titled "News Nuggets"? Yes. However, I have a big problem with the word nugget. It's right up there with "moist" and "eschew" in my list of the top 10 random words that I think sound gross for no particular reason.

So-baubles it is.

And my do I have some shiny gems for you. First, as you may have noticed, my blog look has been updated. All of that white was getting a little clinical for me-I'm not ready to go into the padded room yet. I also got rid of my little cartoon avatar lady. She had her moment in the sun, but it was time to move on and I think I'm rocking the vintage-meets-patchwork quilt look. What do you think?

The look is not the only thing I've updated-I've also changed contact emails. I've been getting a ton of email from you guys lately and I LOVE IT (don't stop!) but it was flooding my personal email box. Things were getting lost. Put in wrong folders. Never sent. Worse-never read! So rather than sit around and feel like a poo puddle I have created you guys your very own email account. Well, it's for me-but it's for write to me. The contact form on my "Contact Me" page (linked at the top) has been updated and will now be sent to your very own special mailbox. Or you can email me direct from your inbox at

I've also added a few other ways that we can get and keep in touch! New shiny bauble number three is my new facebook page! It's pretty and shiny. Okay not pretty and shiny, so much as super convenient-now you can get my posts while you sit down with your facebook and your morning coffee (or diet soda, if you're like me)!

Another fun new feature? My Bloggy Friends Community over at BlogFrog. After trying to go it alone in the forum category I decided to see what's hopping with BlogFrog (oh yes, I did just say that). Verdict? I love it. I get to join other people's communities and chat them up, and host my own community....I have spent a shameful amount of time (4+ hours) there during the last two days just hopping around. I highly recommend you sign up with them. And then join my community of course. Right now I want to know your favorite summer recipe, and your thoughts on controversial blog posts....

There's another added bonus to joining me on Facebook/BlogFrog (and Twitter!)-by doing that you get all of my news tidbits about upcoming giveaways and reviews EARLY. That's right-I'm going to announce all my big stuff on my social network sites first. Bribery? Probably. But I'm lonely over there on my big old Facebook/BlogFrog/Twitter pages all by myself party of one style. Consider these update announcements the plate of cookies that entices you to my party.

Another fun news bauble-I have received two awards this week! I am still amazed, and so grateful, that anyone would think of me for these sort of things. I feel like having a Sally Fields moment every time-really you guys are too sweet. Today my grateful misty eyed appreciation goes to Jenny from Our Nifty Notebook who awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. I have received this award before, but it is so sweet of her to think of me and I am actually glad that I have gotten it twice. The first time I wrote ten honest things about myself I did a fun and silly post. Which was both fun and silly and honest...but I've been thinking lately that I wish I had used that opportunity to do a more serious post. So I'm going to this time....stay tuned for that!

I have also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Michele from The Professional Family Manager . I am so excited to think of my writing and my blog as sweet! The only rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are to pass it on to other lovely blogs! I would like to award this to my friends

I'm sure one or more of these ladies has already gotten this award, but I wouldn't regret that at all-they're all so fabulous they'd even deserve two!

Another awesome lady I'd like to mention this week is my gal pal Robynn of Robynn's Ravings. She is having an absolutely fantastic throw down/giveaway encouraging people to eat right and be healthy! I know we in the House of M could certainly benefit from that advice and we will be participating right along with her...and it doesn't hurt that the winner will be interviewed on her blog AND receive a $100 gift card to Amazon! Go check it out-the throw down starts in September.

One last quick thing before I wrap up this, the longest post of all time. (Have I mentioned how so very ecstatic I am to be back to writing!!) A reminder that I am going to be doing a fabulous review and giveaway before the end of the month. Keep your eyes (and browsers) peeled for my fun-and-educational giveaway just in time for back to school!

Alright, I'm cutting myself off now.

No really.

I'm stepping away from the blog post.

It's happening.

I really will...




[I'll be back tomorrow!]


Samantha said...

Thank you for giving me an award!!! I love it! And I love long blogs...they make me smile. The only problem is that when I have long blogs, I'm usually ranting and complaining. =) How do I find the link to your BlogFrog Community? I need to post that recipe on there, and then collect some of my own!

MrsM said...

There is a link in this post, and a widget on my sidebar that will both lead to my BlogFrog Community!

Jenny said...

I really like your new design. It's very classic! You did a great job on it. Congrats on your other award.

thatgirlblogs said...

facebook has a group for people who hate the word moist (really)! recently brought to my attention by another squeamish person. I have to agree with you both.