Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tell All Tuesday:Throw Down!

I have to tell you what I'm doing. It's fabulous, and you'll want to do it too. Okay, maybe not, but it's still fabulous! My friend Robynn is doing a healthy eating challenge blog called 30 Day Throw Down. The challenge is to toss out fast food, avoid highly processed food, and do your best to eat as healthy as possible.

I love this idea. It's so simple-no bells or whistles or eating only ice cubes, just avoid food crap and eat healthy. There's not even exercise involved (at least not this month) which works so well for me since I loathe exercise and hate doing it (even if I have time, which I totally don't). Still, even with out exercise, I think just tossing the crap will get me down the last 8lbs....what do you think?

I've taken it one step further, and decided that in addition to tossing the junk food and eating more naturally I will also be returning to vegetarianism. Yes, I was a veggie for six years and I loved it. It was probably just the 16 year old old, pre-three-babies thing but my body was totally rockin' back then...I'd like to see it go back to that. Plus I always felt so much lighter and more energetic. I started eating meat at the end of my pregnancy with Monkey and I just kept on going.

Now, I return to you oh lovely land of tofu and greens. Don't make that face-being a veggie can be awesome if you know the right recipes. Some recipes don't even include tofu....like the one I cooked tonight.

Vegetarian Gyros
Tzatziki Sauce
Feta Cheese
Pita Bread

Spread hummas on bread. Spread Tzatziki on top of that. Layer spinach and feta, top with tomatoes, roll like a burrito. Voila! Yummy veggie eatings:

I've just passed the week mark and already I am feeling a little more energetic. I totally cleaned my house today without thinking "Please no, God why" first. I totally give credit to the vegetables (and to me for eating them). Also, it may have been my imagination, but I think my dress may be a little looser....

Stay tuned for regular Tell All Tuesday updates about my adventures in the 30 Day Throwdown-as bribery I promise to include a super yummy reciepe for your enjoyment! If you would like to participate (and, hello, why would you not-did I mention the $100 Amazon gift card?) stop by the 30 Day Throw Down and put your hat in the ring!


TuTu's Bliss said...

That wasn't very nice. I thought I was getting a juicy, hot and spicey "spill the beans" post and I got tofu! ;)

Noah's Mommy said...

A fabulous idea....I have a hard time though....Big Macs are my weakness....but this looks super yummy....and easy!

Kerree said...

I'm already doing this. Only started this morning though so theres been no significant change but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Samantha said...

I used to think that I could never be a vegetarian, because if I go without meat...I start craving it. I'm talking, I'm a ravenous animal ripping through the plastic of the meat department at the grocery story. BUT then my Mom told me this wonderful news that mushrooms (which I love) actually act as a meat.

So, when I made stuffed portabello mushrooms the other night...I totally felt like a vegetarian and I was full after eating it & IT WAS TOTALLY HEALTHY! I'll have to try this new recipe that you have. I'm never had hummus before but have been anxious to try it.

The problem here is that I could never get the Hubs to get like this. He's set in his ways...

Mimi said...

I just started, or I should say re-started my diet & created a diet blog. I even had my son take "before" pictures of me today that I will post later. If that's not motivation I don't know what will be.

Helene said...

That sounds like such a great way to get healthy again. It's amazing how just not eating fast food and sodas can help you lose weight and feel better.

The gyro recipe looks yummy!!!!

Renee said...

That 30 day throw down is a great idea! Your gyro looks delicious. I was a vegetarian for 7 or 8 years. Once I started eating meat again, I realized how much I love beef! And sausage and bacon! All the bad for you stuff. We still have vegetarian meals but I need to cook that way more often.

Emily said...

Good for you! I can totally intentify with feeling better and more energetic when I'm eating actual vitamins and minerals. If you want some recipes let me know! Also next time I come visit maybe we could cook together? I'll bring down some extra kitchen supplies I was gonna Goodwill if you want.

carma said...

This is right up my alley!