Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy's Fabulous Find Friday-I Love Ladybugs!

I'm jumping right back in after my case of the yucks to bring you something entirely different. Let's talk about something yummy. More than yummy-so delicious it is practically a miracle.

I started feeling a little better a couple of days ago, so I decided to walk around one morning and do my errands. Fortunately, being as out of shape relaxed as I am, my morning walk turned into an afternoon walk in the 80 degree heat.

Now you know me-I would not normally use the word "fortunately" in relation to exercise of any kind, especially if said exercise was taking place in sweltering weather....but this time the tiny little oasis I found was so FABULOUS that it made up for every single fiery hot footstep. What is that fabulous?

Chocolate, of course!

I stepped in out of the sun and into a tiny piece of heaven called Ladybug Chocolates. This little shop is divine for several reasons, the first of which I noticed was the fact that it was very well cooled (which of course it has to be to preserve the delicious delicious chocolate in it's most wonderful non-melty form, but I appreciated it as if it was cooled just for me). Once I regained myself and looked around I decided that there was a lot more to appreciate than the fabulous temperature. This little hole in the wall is adorably themed around Ladybugs. Everything in the shop is black white and red, from the floors and decorations to the adorable little cafe style tables. As I walked up to the counters to peak inside I noticed that even the chocolates have little ladybugs on them!

I just had to try some of these chocolates. I had a Chocolate Covered Oreo (complete with edible ladybug on top), a Chocolate Coconut Drop, and a White Chocolate Truffle. What? No, I haven't forgotten or given up on my 30 Day Throwdown goals-these chocolates are locally made with fresh ingredients and are preservative free! Plus I had the small truffle...and I had walked a long way so I already burned the calories for it....and my blood sugar was low...and besides, I was just tasting them for you. It was all business, and scientific, and stuff.....

Okay, so it might not have been any of those things, but I can tell you for certain every single one of those was FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS-and I should know. I have tasted a lot of chocolate in my day. They were perfectly sweet-not so sweet that you have to choke them down, but they didn't have the bitter aftertaste that expensive chocolates tend to have either-the flavors were all perfectly blended (no need to fear the mystery chocolate spit-take), and have I mentioned how adorable they are? The white chocolate truffles had little miniature ladybugs painted right on them!

I think the most impressive part of all is that all of the chocolates are hand made with love. Ladybug Chocolates is a family owned and operated business, and the owners Shery and John (who also own Ladybug Chocolates Cake Decorating & Candy Making Supplies, found right next door) are right there to answer your questions and help you decide between all of the delicious options!

I cannot recommend Ladybug Chocolates enough-their family friendly shop is a treat we will definitely be indulging in with kidlets in tow. For those of you who don't live in the vicinity, you can order their delicious chocolates through their online store for special occasions-Christmas is coming up!-or for no other reason than just to sample the best chocolate I've ever had!

This little shop is worthy of both my repeat business and my Fab Friday recommendation, so go check them out and treat yourself and someone you love, if you can manage to part with a few!

[all pictures taken directly from the Ladybug Chocolates website]


Samantha said...

You make me want some chocolate! I love love LOVE chocolate! I'll definitely have to check out their online store :)

Glad you are feeling better. I was beginning to have withdrawals :D

P.S- Somehow, the email with the fab find friday link, got deleted. If you don't mind getting it for me again, I swear to you, on ladybug chocolate (and that's serious) that I will never, ever, ever lose it again. :)

Samantha said...

P.S.S: I LOVE the new layout, so cute :)

Scrappy Girl said...

Yummmmm...chocolates are SO good. I love truffles and chocolate covered raspberry jellies. We stopped by Godiva on our last trip.

Lesley said...

oh be still my heart!