Sunday, October 4, 2009

What A Lovely Day!

Frankenputer went into the light.

It's okay, I've momentarily resuscitated him-unfortunately I didn't really fix anything so much as jiggle things and press the same commands three hundred times out of he could go back to that big Intel in the sky at any point now. Why is this good news?

Becaaaaaaaaaaaause...since Frank is now officially the undead zombie computer Hubby says that I can get a laptop on the 16th! Thank GOD there are 5 paychecks in October, right? And of course, thank GOD that I have the most amazing Hubby in the world who would let me get a laptop rather than do responsible stuff like save money and buy new socks.

I want to get a Dell Insprion 15. It's a good fit for me. True, it's not the MacBook Pro I wanted, but hey-I get to keep all of my organs. The other option I posted about was the Toshiba A500 and, to be honest, I just can't live with that kind of battery life. What can I do online in 2.5 hours? Practically nothing! So, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the Insprion 15....the hard choice now is which of the rainbow colors do I want?

Speaking of rainbows (do you like that segue? I do!) guess what we saw today? DOUBLE rainbows! Right there, in front of our house! I couldn't get great pictures of the double rainbow, but I did get a good one of the single, stronger rainbow in a nice sun shower picture.

MMMMMMMMMM-fall, laptops, sun showers, rainbows....give me a kitten and I'm a walking cliche of happiness.


Preston said...

I have a Dell PC and I really do like it but I must warn you, their customer service stinks. Actually, it's even worse than stinky, it's horrific. They farm out their customer service to India and the company in India is only interested in selling you something, not fixing the problem. Do a Google search on I Hate Dell and you will not believe what comes up. Pray nothing goes wrong with your Dell. I had a problem and it was a nightmare from start to finish. I did get my problem resolved but it was like jumping through hoops of fire.

Lesley said...

beautiful rainbow...and It's nice how Frankenputer has paved the way for a shiny new laptop!

Vodka Logic said...

Good luck with the new laptop. I have a Macbook, not the pro. And the deciding factor for me was no anti viral software, I figure that saves a few bucks a year to offset the higher price of the Apple.


Samantha said...

I had a Dell desktop and loved it, although, it received a virus one time, and when I called their customer service, the only thing the guy told me to do was to buy an Anti-Virus software. Problem was, I already had it on the computer. I ended up finding the virus on my computer, deleting it, and solving the problem! It was a good computer until we had a pretty bad ice storm where our power was knocked out for a near week. When it came back on, it blew up my computer.

Altogether, it was one of the best computers I've ever had (besides my Mac now). My Dad has a Dell laptop and he hasn't had any issues with it. He had an HP for a year, before it tore up and he had to get another one. So far, no issues with it.

The rainbow was beautiful by the way! They are so beautiful.

jenjen said...

Hi Mrs. M!

Happy FMM! Good list! I love blogging and my computer too! So fun! I just got an HP Mini and I love it.

Have a super week!