Friday, January 8, 2010

The Scum Between My Toes

I sat down to write about a fight that I've had with my parents and the truth is, I can't think of any. Not that we have never fought, but the last time we really argued was when I was sixteen and that was so long ago I can't even remember what it was about. Now that I am an adult (and I don't live with them, that's probably key) my parents are accepting and laid back and haven't had many ill words to say to me. I also don't fight with my in laws-but not for lack of things to argue about. See, Hubby and I decided a long time ago to let him deal with our relationships in his family and let me deal with our relationships in mine-so my job is to bite my tongue and say whatever it is that Hubby has decided I can say to them. It usually involves a lot of talking about the weather. Still, the Writer's Workshop prompt from Mama Kat this week says that the fight can be real or imaginary so this is the imaginary fight (or furious diatribe rather) that I would have for my in laws should I be left to my own devices with them.

Attention assorted in laws:

You should all be very, very ashamed of yourselves. Even though my husband did manage to become a wonderful person in spite-yes IN SPITE-of all of you, don't you DARE take credit for the way he turned out. You have been hurtful, neglectful, and just plain insufferable towards him as long as I have have known you and, from what I can gather, since the beginning of time. When I hear how you have abandoned him, ignored him, berated him, misjudged him, and underestimated him his entire life it literally makes me want to vomit. You are disgusting.

I know you say that I am not good enough for him and the truth is that most days I agree with you-but I believe God brought us to each other and I work hard, every day, to be worthy of him. You, however, take him for granted. You ignore him or worse! You treat him like he is something to be ashamed of! You favor your other children with your new spouses and treat the man that I love like he was a mistake. A mistake! And how does he treat you? With honor. With forgiveness. With compassion and empathy and kindness that you never give him. I may not be good enough, but you people don't deserve him at all.

You are missing out on the most amazing person that any of us will ever know. My husband is the embodiment of integrity, intelligence, and personal strength. He gladly sacrifices his own happiness to be around you when you'll have him near. He is humble and generous and he gives from his heart. He is thoughtful and chivalrous. He is GOOD. I however am not. If it were up to me I would tell you all to take a long walk off a short cliff if you can't appreciate him for everything wonderful that he is...luckily for you it's up to him, and he is gracious and forgiving of your flaws and poor judgment. As such you may stay in our lives on his good graces and I will say nothing more except this: if I think for one moment that any of you have hurt my husband in a way that I deem to be unforgivable I will rip off your heads and use them as kick balls.

Continue about your day.


Mrs Gloves said...

Love your blog! Left you an award on mine.

Melissa aka Equidae said...

wow...that is quite an imaginary fight....but its always good to take it of your chest.. i do that all the time hahah just say what i wnat to say tothat particular person in my head for a day and when i feel cleansed of him/her i carry on living :)

5thsister said...

That is just so sad! Way to go Mama Bear!

singedwingangel said...

Well OUCH.. don't ya just loathe people like that?? Ya know what your hubby is very blessed to have you as his wife.. Because you know the truth on how to raise him up on the words of God and make him into the man God designed him to be..

Samantha said...

Oh I should do this on my blog, just to get it all out! The funny thing about you writing this blog is that the other night I had a dream that I went to jail because I blessed the In-Laws out. In my dreams I guess :)

Kekibird said...

I can feel the love...err toward your hubby. Love the "use their heads are kickballs." It's a wonderful visual!