Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bid on This!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day today~I know I did! I always enjoy snuggling up with Hubby and watching some movies.

I also enjoyed making a new layout....what do you think? I really love it. I've been working on the redesign for a week or two and today I was just struck with inspiration and started all over. I'm still fine tuning the details, but I'm really into this layout. In the process of all of this though I have ended up with a layout that I absolutely L.O.V.E. that unfortunately doesn't work for the feel of my blog and I just don't have the heart to delete it.

I talked to Hubby, and we've come up with a solution. I'm going to auction it! Why auction instead of sell? Because I am going to donate some of the proceeds to charity! If this is successful, I will probably do this once a month and pick different charities. If it's wildly successful I can even see myself doing this once a week! you need a new Blogger layout? Do you want to donate to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief? Well check out this template and make a bid!

Go and check out the sample site by clicking on the screenshot below:

Then decide how much you want to bid. There is no minimum bid, so bid what you want! The first ten dollars of the bid will go straight to charity, and I will match it that means if you bid $10 and you win your entire bid will go to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Efforts and I'll add in an additional $10 from my own pocket! If the bid goes above $10, I will donate 25% (rounded up to the nearest dollar) of all additional money, plus the initial $10, plus the $10 from my pocket, so the math will look like this:

Example Winning bid: $45
Charity will receive:
$10 off the top (plus $10 matching funds)
$9 (25% of the remainder after $10, rounded up)
For a total of: $29

I'm really excited to see what we can do with this! If you aren't in the market for a new layout, tell your friends who might be. I'll go ahead and leave this bidding open for two weeks-so place your bid by commenting on this post and I'll announce the winner on 2/28! Good luck =)

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singedwingangel said...

what a cool idea, it is a beautiful layout.. but too flowery for me lol.. good luck on the auction