Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tea Parties are Fun! (and Hard Work)


I love Baby Bug, but in the last 48 hours I have worked harder than ever with less sleep than usual-and I used to work three jobs back in the day. Still, despite the fact that my legs are about to fall off and my feet are so swollen can barely fit into my shoes, I am very happy with how the tea party turned out.

We had fruit and scones with Devonshire Sweet Cream, a Veggi platter, smoked turkey and cranberry sandwiches, a cookie tray with assorted lovelies on it, and-my masterpiece-home made from scratch white chocolate raspberry cheesecake with a chocolate crust [not the other stuff wasn't from's just that they weren't as hard]!

This is my beautiful, beautiful cheesecake-and YES it did taste as good as it looked. As you can tell, I'm very proud of myself.

The surprise awesomeness came from those scones (you an see a little bit of them in the picture of the cheesecake). Those were SERIOUSLY good-sweet, but not too sweet, and just the right amount of fluffy....mmmmmmmm. I did fabulously if I do say so myself.

Everyone had a great time. Naturally, as with all family functions, some things did go slightly awry. Work kept Hubby late and he arrived after the party had already I had absolutely no help this morning. Then my step brother and his wife and son cancelled. Not a big deal really, I understand, except for when I tell Monkey he has a melt down because he doesn't want to be the only boy at the party. So I put out that fire, wrenched the kids away from the party trays for the 10,000th time, and went back to whipping cream. Then my parents called me up at 11:30 and asked if they could show up at noon instead of two. EXCUSE ME?! Normally I don't tell my parents no because I don't want to fight them, but at this point I am running around the house smelling like sweat and covered in baking supplies, the kids haven't had baths or put on party clothes OR had naps, and the list of things that I still have to do is like 6,000 miles long. So I put my foot down. I just straight up said NO, you may not come early. Of course, being my parents, they wouldn't accept a straight no and they negotiated me down to 1pm, but I'll consider it a draw. I didn't have time to debate them more anyway.

After everyone showed, the house was overwhelmingly loud-there were so many people packed into my house and everybody was talking over each other-you couldn't have heard a cannon go off next to your head. Still everyone had fun with their dress up tea party accessories and we got some adorable pictures and did I mention that the food was FABULOUS?! So over all it was a great way to celebrate Baby Bug turning 2.

Now to gear up for Monkey's birthday. T minus 21 days and counting....

The Kidlets in their tea party accessories


Melissa aka Equidae said...

that cake looks fab! glad you enjoyed it.

Vodka Logic said...

The food does look delicious and your little one is sooo adorable.

Emily said...

OMG, I don't usually squee too much over kid pictures but I love the cuties in tea-party clothes! Scarlett looks particularly adorable.