Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Ten Spot: Excuses, Excuses

Eventually we're all going to need an excuse for some reason so here-have some of my old stand bys.....

10. I was up all night with the baby.

9. I have something in the oven right now.

8. The kids are ALL sick right now (*cough*)

7. Sure, I'd love to! Let me ask Hubby.....[Pause for effect].......yeah, he said we couldn't. Too bad really-catch you next time!

6. Forget? Of course not! I was JUST about to step out the door, but you-know-who (insert kid/animal here) started having separation anxiety issues. I'm on my way right now!

5. Oh darn, doctor's appointment.

4. The babysitter can't make it/we have no babysitter...otherwise we totally would.

3. The kids are sleeping so I have to be really quiet.

2. The kids are crying and I can't hear you.

1. The check is in the mail.

The cool part is, these are all true at some point so they're virtually undetectable-use them all you want!


Vodka Logic said...

They are all great but having older kids a lot don't out an "older" mom... lol

Bossy Betty said...

I miss blaming my kids for everything. Now it's vice versa.

Rana said...

These are great. I love your blog. I'm awarding you the Beautiful blogger award. Info on this is at my blog.