Monday, February 22, 2010

Today in History...

On this day, twenty seven years ago, the most amazing person I've ever known was born and we started to find each other. True story.

He was born in the same hospital my sister would be born in four years later.

Our parents went to the same high school.

Our grandmothers went to the same church and we went to the same Sunday School.

Our grandparent's farms where we both spent tons of time were literally neighbors.

Then he moved away. A little later, he moved to a bigger city south of us and soon-without knowing it-I followed him.

When I first moved to where we live now, I lived directly behind his neighbor across the street. He used to ride his bike past my house.

We were both in choir during high school, and went to several festivals at the same time-even singing in order right next to each other because of the alphabetical listing of our schools.

It is entirely possible that there were hundreds of times in our lives that we looked at each other, and it has been proven that there were thousands of times when we were less than a mile away from each other. Yet somehow, almost in spite of our closeness, we never really met until the exact moment we were meant to.

We don't know for sure when we first met, but the first time we noticed each other we were still just kids-I was 16 and he was 19-and we have now spent the better part of a decade growing old together. The years are starting to show on us both-we both have graying hair and are beginning to get a few wrinkles, but rather than fighting every new change I think about how precious time is, and how blessed I am to be growing old with him and I especially like to take the time to reflect on this day every year, the wonderful day my husband was born.

To My Hubby~I have never doubted for a moment that you are The One-it's written all over our lives. You are the other half of my soul and the greatest man I've ever had the privilege to know, and so every year it is an honor to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy Birthday my love!


Melissa aka Equidae said...

what a beautiful stroy... happy birthday to your hubby

singedwingangel said...

awww how sweet is that and a testimony to how God works in our lives to make things happen when they should..

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubby! What a great post!

Kirsty said...

How amazing!I hope he had a good day. Finding and marrying your true soul-mate is a rare blessing.