Monday, March 22, 2010

Guess What? (Not Chicken Butt)

Today's post has really no theme. I found this cute little Meme called the Monday Minute on Samantha's blog courtesy of her friend Ian and I thought hey, that's kind of neat...I think I'll do it.

Just as I was about to start it though I got an email. It was a return email from a feeler I had sent out about a freelance writing gig and you'll never guess-I got it(!). Starting later this week I will be THE resident expert family/marriage blogger (we're musing about better titles) on Today's Cliche! I'm so excited I'll admit I'm getting a little squeal-y. I already wrote my first post and everything-it's about how to get along with your in laws. Wanna read it? Of course you do! I'll tell/tweet you the second it's posted of course.

Also, you may not know this yet, but you want to send me questions for my SUPER COOL Q&A of Awesomeness wherein I will answer people's questions about family, marriage, and parenting. Ask me anything-just send me an email to! I am (tentatively) going to be posting the posts on Wednesdays and the Q&As on Saturdays so hurry up and get your questions in my inbox.

You know, if you want to.

Not that I'm making you.

I'm just kind of going super spaz over my first job as a writer! Don't worry though, I'm not giving up on school. I plan to be the world's best (and busiest) homeschooling mom of three/freelance writer/law student in the world...

Now I'm off to set up my Diet Pepsi IV drip.


dusty earth mother said...

Hoozah for you, Mrs. M!! I'm feeling your thrill most profoundly because I just got a gig writing for MommyPoppins and my first article was published today! I wish we really knew each other, so we could go have a celebratory drink together. Well, we'll just have to pretend. I tip my glass to you, awesome home-schooling, law student-ing, free-lance-writing mama!

Samantha said...

Yay! Sounds like so much fun :)